Faculty Communities

«SCEM» (the community of active students of School of Economics and Management)

What is SCEM?

To begin with, it is a faculty: School of Economics and Management. Economists. Managers. Logistics. 
Secondly, SCEM is all about people, who organize about 20 events per year making extracurricular life of the faculty and students bright and interesting. 
Finally, SCEM is about cosiness, warmth and family, meeting new interesting people with shining eyes and a strong wish to make student life unforgettable. 
Pay attention! All events are held in Russian language.

«If you study between events or attend a meeting and then get ready for deadlines at night, if you hug when you meet someone at uni, smile while seeing someone on the stairs, if you feel yourself and don’t get enough sleep but stay glowing from the inside because of ideas and desire to make something really cool and interesting, it means that you are a little part of our big SCEM Family».


  • Welcome meeting;
  • Traditional Red Monday;
  • Halloween;
  • Freshman festival;
  • Miss and Mister at Economics, management and logistics;
  • Open doors days;
  • The Faculty Week;
  • Charity Fair (together with SDS);
  • Student’s day;
  • St. Valentines Day;
  • Maslenitsa (pancake week);
  • Labor Day;
  • SCEM Ball;
  • Minute of fame;
  • SCEM faces;
  • Activists weekend.

«SHSGNIDYUV» (the community of active students of School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Design, Law, Asian and African Studies)

SHSGNIDYUV - the clan! As well as the union of active students of 8 educational programs from 4 buildings to create joint creative, entertaining and cultural events.
Pay attention! All events are held in Russian language.


  • Creating a platform for the development and implementation of creative ideas, providing them with HR and PR resources.
  • Carrying out during the school year a number of major events aimed at an acquaintance of students of all educational programs from the 1st to the 4th course through joint creative and organizational activities.


  • dancing night «SHSGNIDYUV»;
  • theatre evening;
  • Stand-Up evening;
  • week of guests;
  • thematic quest around the city;
  • book-sharing;
  • freshman festival;
  • salvage of waste papers;
  • a trip for active students of the «SHSGNIDYUV».