Where to Eat?

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"A hungry student" is a stereotype that is closer to reality than others. And since the student is also "poor", it is quite problematic to eat a hearty and inexpensive meal. We tried to find the place where you can have a snack or have a hearty meal after or between classes.

Each HSE building has a dining room where you can take a combo meal - hearty and affordable, or have some fresh pastries. Also in each building there is a cozy Granola coffee house, a project of the HSE graduate - Pavel Kalinsky. Here you can drink delicious coffee with interesting cakes, desserts and fresh pastries, as well as dine with salad or sandwich.

Kantemirovskaya street, 3A

On the 1st floor of the building there is a fast casual cafe Greenbox. All dishes have already been prepared and packaged - you only need to choose and pay at the checkout. Its menu includes soups, salads, sandwiches, rolls and much more!

On the 4th floor there is the Mouse Tail coffee shop, where you can have coffee, hot and cold drinks, as well as delicious pastries and desserts.

Across the road from the building on Kantemirovskaya there are a dining room Tarelka (Kantemirovskaya 4) and the Marketplace restaurant (Vyborgskaya naberezhnaya 61A), that offers lunch combo from 12:00 to 16:00.

Promyshlennaya street, 17 

Across the road from the building on Promyshlennaya is "Nasha Stolovaya" (Promyshlennaya St., 22), where you can have a hearty lunch or coffee with desserts. If you are tired from eating in the canteens and the pastries are not hearty enough - go to the nearby "Narvskaya" metro station where you will find many cafes and restaurants for every taste and budget, for example Teremok (9 Stachek ave.) or Pirogovyy dvorik (Staro-Petergofsky ave., 43/45).

Soyuza Pechatnikov street, 16/A

Around the building on Pechatnikov there are several cafes and dining rooms, for example, the Schelkunchik (Nutcracker) dining room (Soyuza Pechatnikov St., 8), the Evrasia restaurant (Soyuza Pechatnikov St., 10) and the Georgian cafe Chito-Gvrito (Rimsky-Korsakov avenue, 49) .

Griboedov Canal Nab., 123

Many cozy coffee houses are scattered around the building on Griboedov Canal Naberezhnaya, for example, Kofelosofiya with hearty croissants (106, Kanala Griboedova nab.) and Good day with hot tarts (Rimsky-Korsakova ave., 31), as well as many cafes and restaurants with a variety of cuisines!

Sedova street, 55

In the building on Sedova, as in all other buildings, you can dine in the dining room or have coffee and pastries in the Granola coffee shop.