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Terrorism and Political Contention. New Perspectives on North Africa and the Sahel Region

Atanasiu M., Besenyő J., Denisova T. S. et al.

Springer, 2024.

Book chapter
Introduction: Terrorism and Political Contention in North Africa and the Sahel Region

Issaev L., Korotayev A., Besenyő J.

In bk.: Terrorism and Political Contention. New Perspectives on North Africa and the Sahel Region. Springer, 2024. P. 1-17.

Working paper
Consensus or Constitution? - A Conceptual Perspective on the Legitimacy of Constitutional Courts in Consociations

Gál A.

OxonCourts Judicial Studies Graduate Colloquium. OxonCourts Judicial Studies Graduate Colloquium. University of Oxford, 2019

History of the October Readings

The October Readings is a common name for the already traditional scientific conferences and the student youth forum preceding them, which take place at the end of the third week of October starting from October 2012.

The October readings are also traditionally organized by the Department of Applied Political Science (now the Department of Political Science and International Relations, together with the Russian Association of Political Science and the Interregional Center "Strategy". Starting from the fifth readings in 2016, they are supported by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. The chairman of the organizing committee is A. Sungurov.

  • The first October readings in 2012 were devoted to the topic "Public policy: academic discussions and practical implementation";
  • The theme of the second readings in 2013 was "From Russia to Russia in 100 Years: Contemporary Studies in Social and Political Change";
  • Third readings in 2014, topic: "Public policy: problems of development of institutions";
  • Fourth - 2015 - "Democratic Institutions and Authoritarian Practices: A Comparative Perspective";
  • Fifth - 2016 "Development of Russia in the context of world politics";
  • Sixth - 2017 - “What else have revolutions not taught us? Russia in Global Political Time and Space”;
  • Seventh - 2018 - "Political management in the global world: new practices, levels, scales", chairman of the program committee - Professor I.M. Busygin;
  • The eighth readings of 2019 were also held under the auspices of the Human Rights Research Committee of the International Political Science Association, the topic was “The concept of human rights in the modern world: theoretical foundations and practice of application”;
  • The ninth - in 2020, the topic is “The problem of justice and freedom in the modern polarized world”, the chairman of the program committee is Professor S.V. Akopov;
  • Tenth - in 2021 - "Transfer, dissemination and translation of political courses: overcoming the contradictions of rationalist and constructivist approaches", Chairman of the Program Committee - Associate Professor O.V. Korneev.