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What We Will Surprise China with: Discussion at the House of Journalists

Alexander Seleznev and Alexander Khodachek
Alexander Khodachek, President of HSE University-St Petersburg, participated in the discussion of the city's technological capabilities in terms of building relations between Russia and China. The experts are sure that the future of various fields is in the hands of young professionals who know the Chinese language and culture.

October Readings – 2021

October Readings – 2021
The tenth annual international conference October Readings - 2021 will be held from October 21 to 23. Here is more about the programme.

Round Table «Studying Peace in and with Central Eurasia. Starting from Local and Trans-Local Perspectives»

Round Table «Studying Peace in and with Central Eurasia. Starting from Local and Trans-Local Perspectives»
On 16 February, 18:00, MA programmes «Comparative Politics of Eurasia» and «Comparative Russian and Eurasian Politics» invite you to participate in the round table on peace research in and with Central Eurasia.

International Conference on Inequality and Diversity: Governance of migration and integration beyond conventional approaches

Photo courtesy of Oleg Korneev
The International Conference on Inequality and Diversity will bring together a group of scholars of migration governance for a roundtable discussion. Oleg Korneev, Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science and International Relations at the Higher School of Economics (Saint Petersburg) and the Academic Supervisor of the Master's Programme «Comparative Politics of Eurasia», who has initiated this roundtable, shares his views on complexity of the topic, his expectations from the discussion and gives a sneak peek on what to expect from the participants and the session.

Minorities in Asia and Africa in Focus

Minorities in Asia and Africa in Focus
On 9-10 October 2015 Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg hosted the international conference “Minorities and Conflicts: Asia and African states in the Modern World”, which was organized by the Department of Asian and African Studies and the Centre for Asian and African Studies. The conference welcomed Russian and international researchers from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Armenia, Turkey South Africa and South Korea, as well as students and PhD candidates from St. Petersburg’s universities.

German Students Return Home from First Summer School on St. Petersburg Political Space

An international summer school in St. Petersburg held by the HSE History Department in cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has come to a close. On September 29, 22 students from 17 German universities who had come to St. Petersburg to study Russian history, culture and language received certificates of participation in the programme. Setting off for home the following day, they took with them a unique experience of studying in Russia’s most beautiful city, as well as new ideas and an understanding of Russia and its people.

Conference “Receptions and Representations of Revolts in Early Modern Diplomacy IV: Borderlands”

At the kind invitation of Prof. Malte Griesse, head of the international research group “Revolts as communicative events” in the University of Konstanz, Germany, the representatives of the Department of history Prof. Adrian Selin and PhD student Kuzma Kukushkin took part in the conference “Receptions and Representations of Revolts in Early Modern Diplomacy IV: Borderlands”, held at the Sixty-first annual meeting of the Renaissance Society of America in Berlin (26/03/2015 - 28/03/2015). The meeting itself attracted more than 3000 participants from different countries. The conference was attended by more than 30 researchers from the UK, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Russia.

International Joint Seminar of HSE History Students Took Place at HSE Saint Petersburg

The first part of the seminar ‘Culture of Historical Memory: World War II and Political Regimes of the 20th Century’, dedicated to the politics of history and memory of World War II in Germany, controversies and intersections between public, family and private memories of the war was held at Humboldt University in Berlin on July 6-12.

Round Table 'The Fall of the Berlin Wall: Past, Present, Future'

On the 6th of November a round table ‘The Fall of the Berlin Wall: Past, Present, Future’, took place to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Wall. Professor Alexander Semenov, Director of the History department at HSE St Petersburg and assistant at the Laboratory for Historical Research, Yana Kitaeva presented a paper on ‘The Question of German Reunification in Teymuraz Stepanov-Mamaladze’s Diaries’.