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Project: “Virtual Course on Imagination and Creative Thinking”

Partnership of Oregon State University (USA) and HSE University (Russia)

About the Project

  • The Project involves co-design and co-delivery of an innovative and experiential pilot course "Imagination and Creative Thinking“.
  • The students will learn how to identify and develop innovative solutions to complex problems, foster a creative culture in teams and organizations, and get equipped with practical tools for enhancing individual and team imagination and creativity.
  • The course will incorporate the best international practices in teaching imagination, creativity, and innovation such as design thinking, lean startup methodology, empathy, and mind-mapping, etc.
  • The course will be delivered at HSE University - St. Petersburg.


  • Stage # 1 (January - May 2022): Course structure and content co-design. The goal is to create engaging and interactive lecture material that will transmit the importance of the development of imagination and creative ability across societies, businesses, and contexts.
  • Stage # 2 (May - June 2022): Design and integration of course activities, assignments, evaluation, and feedback into a virtual collaborative platform. MS Teams and ZOOM Course integrated into a virtual platform with clearly defined activities, assignments, evaluation criteria, and surveys for feedback assessment.
  • Stage # 3 (June - July 2022): Recruitment of external course collaborators. The goal is to have signed-up Speakers and Mentors (e.g., Russian entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, investors) as an opportunity for real-life feedback on students' creative innovative ideas.
  • Stage # 4 (August 2022): Student recruitment and course promotion. Flyer creation and PowerPoint Presentation about the course. We plan on a rigorous admission process: students will be selected based on a 1-min individual pitch and/or 1-page essay demonstrating their interest, curiosity, and potential.
  • Stage # 5 (September 2022): Pilot Course launch. Pilot course delivery via Zoom (concentrated dive-in format). Course learning objectives are met.
  • Stage # 6 (September 2022):Feedback. Multiple in-person and anonymous surveys throughout the course. Feedback about different aspects of the course that will be analyzed, discussed, and incorporated as needed in the subsequent full version of the course.

Fruitful collaboration

Oregon State University


  • Unique experience in teaching entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Project leader – Dr. Violetta Gerasymenko, Associate Professor, Program Director of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the College of Business

 HSE University


  • Wide set of experimental practices and approaches to online teaching
  • Platform for launching the pilot course
  • Project leader - Dr. Galina Shirokova, Professor of Management Department at HSE St. Petersburg School of Economics and Management, Russia





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