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During the first semester all first year students qualifying for free tuition (studing on intergovernmental agreements quotas etc.) receive State Academic Scholarship of 1759 rubles.

Scholarships are transfered to a bank card, issued for a student specifically. More information on issuing cards is available at the study office of each degree programme.

During second and all consecutive semesters State Academic Scholarship is calculated in accordance with the results of midterm assessment.

State academic scholarship is awarded every six months, and students receive it during the holidays:

  • based on the results of the first semester, the scholarship is transfered for the period from January to June;
  • based on the results of the second semester, the scholarship is transfered for the period from July to December;

In addition, twice a year, the best students are granted Increased State Academic Scholarship for achievements in educational, scientific, sports, social and cultural activities.

Furthermore, students have the opportunity to receive additional personal scholarships, as well as scholarships from foundations and university partners for achievements in science, study and extracurricular activities! Please contact the Unit for Extracurricular Activities staff with questions about participating in competitions for these scholarships.

In St. Petersburg campus students may apply for financial aid. Please contact the Office of Social Affairs staff to find out more.

You may also learn more about all scholarships for enrollee and students of HSE St. Petersburg here.

HSE gold scholarship

Scholarship provides:

  • Free tuition for the whole period of studying;
  • Monthly scholarship 1,500 RUB.


Top scores upon passing entrance trials: tests (undergraduate programmes) / portfolio competion and interview (graduate programmes).

Please note: the number of HSE Gold Scholarships allocated for each degree programme is very limited, and scholarships are highly competitive.

Tuition fee waivers

In order to get tuition fee waivers (%) applicants have to earn high results upon entrance trials: cumulative score for 2 trials (undergraduate) / portfolio and interview (graduate).

Eligibility for undergraduate applicants:

  • 140-149 points – 25%;
  • 150-169 points – 50%;
  • Above 170 points – 70%.

Eligibility for graduate applicants:

  • 50-59 points – 25%;
  • Above 60 points – 50%.

How to get a tuition fee waiver:

The tuition fee waiver is awarded automatically upon completion of entrance trials.

Attention! The tuition fee waiver is not provided to 'Physics' undergraduate programme students.

Learn more about scholarships and tuition fee waivers here