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During the first semester, all first-year students qualifying for free tuition (studying on intergovernmental agreements quotas etc.) receive a State Academic Scholarship of 1894 rubles.

Scholarships are transferred to a bank card, issued for a student specifically. More information on issuing cards is available at the study office of each degree programme.

State academic scholarships are granted every semester; furthermore, students also receive them during holiday periods:

  • based on the results of the first semester, scholarships are paid form January until June;
  • based on the results of the second semester, student may receive scholarship between July and December.   

In addition, students have the option of receiving special scholarships, e.g., named, government and Presidential scholarships, as well as scholarships from funds and the University’s partners for their academic excellence and achievement in the sciences and extracurricular activities.

Questions about participation in competitions for scholarships can be forwarded to the Unit for Extracurricular Activities.
You may also learn more about all scholarships for enrollees and students of HSE St. Petersburg here.

At the HSE University-St. Petersburg campus, students may receive state social scholarships and financial aid. All enquiries regarding social allowances should be submitted to the Student Welfare Unit.

HSE gold scholarship

Scholarship provides:

  • exemption from tuition fees for the whole period of studies;
  • monthly scholarship of RUB 1,500.


Top scores for entrance exams: tests (undergraduate programmes) / portfolio competition and interview (graduate programmes).

Please note: the number of HSE Gold Scholarships allocated for each degree programme is limited, and competition for scholarships is intense.

Tuition fee waivers

In order to get tuition fee waivers (%), applicants have to earn high results upon entrance trials: cumulative score for two trials (undergraduate) / portfolio and interview (graduate).

Eligibility for undergraduate candidates:

  • 140-149 points — 25%;
  • 150-169 points — 50%;
  • above 170 points — 70%.

Eligibility for graduate candidates:

  • 50-59 points — 25%;
  • above 60 points — 50%.

How to obtain a tuition fee waiver:

The tuition fee waiver is awarded automatically upon completion of entrance trials.

Attention! The tuition fee waiver is not provided to students of the “Physics” undergraduate programme.

Learn more about scholarships and tuition fee waivers here!