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Term papers and Master thesis

How to apply for a Term paper/Thesis topic in Year 2019/2020:

Please note that the Term Papers and Theses topics approval has been moved to the LMS system since this academic year! You need to talk about your topic with the supervisor and then make a topic request via LMS Course Themes Module.

Download instruction

Please do not forget that your request shall be approved by your Supevisor via his/her LMS account.

Official Documents:

Term paper and master thesis schedule 2019/2020



1st year

2nd year

Module 2

October 15 – November 15


Discussion of the MA Thesis research proposal at Research Seminar

November 15


Term Paper Topic Application LMS Deadline

 Thesis Topic Application LMS Deadline

November 20

Topics are approved by Supervisors

Topics are approved by Supervisors

November 27

Topics are approved by the Programme Academic Council

Topics are approved by the Programme Academic Council

Module 3

April 01

Submission of a request for title and / or supervisor change deadline (if needed)


April 5



First draft  of MA Thesis submission (for Preliminary Defense)




April 13-15


Preliminary defense   of MA Thesis

April 16, 15.00


Deadline for submission a request for changes in the title of the master thesis

April 16, 18.00


Deadline for External Reviewers' Appointement

Module 4

May 11, 23.59


Final draft  of the term paper submission through LMS system


May 15

 Deadline for submitting Supervisors' and Reviewers' reviews


May 18-22

 Defense of the term paper


May 22, 23.59


Final draft    of MA Thesis  submission to LMS system

May 24


Antiplagiarism Check (Results are displayed in the LMS System)

June 2


Deadline for submutting the Theses' Supervisors' and External Reviewers' Reviews

June 3


Deadline for placing the Supervisors' and External Reviews in the LMS System

June 5

 Deadline for Theses Printed Versions submission to the Office

June 8-11


Deadline  Defense   of MA Thesis

Information on Thesis Defense in 2020:

Head of the State Examination Commission in 2020:

Revecca Vulfovich, Doctor of Political Science, professor, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration

Head of the Appeal Committee:

Elena A. Vandysheva, Senior Lecturer, Department of Political Science.

Information on Thesis Defense in 2019