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Term papers and Master thesis

Information of Thesis Defense in 2019

Official Documents:

Official HSE Regulations on Term and Master Papers
Term Papers Guidelines for Comparative Politics of Eurasia Students
 Master's Theses Guidelines for Comparative Politics of Eurasia Students
Term Papers Topic Form
Term Paper Topic Change Form
Term Paper Supervisor Change Form
Term Paper Topic and Supervisor Change Form
Master's Thesis Topic Form
Master's Thesis Topic Change Form
Master Thesis Cover Sheet Blank
Term Paper Cover Sheet

Term paper and master thesis schedule



1st year

2nd year

Module 2

October 15 – November 15


Discussion of the MA Thesis research proposal at Research Seminar

December 3, 6 pm

Subject of course paper and supervisor chosen by student


December 10

Subject ofcourse paper and supervisor approved by the Academic Council of MA Program

Revised draft of the MA thesis research proposal (no less than 30 000 characters)

Submission of a request for title and/ or supervisor change (if needed)

December 15-20


Discussion of the revised draft at open Research Seminar

Module 3

April 01

First draft  of the term paper


April 10

First draft submission (after Antiplagiarism chesk)



April 15, 23.59


First draft  of MA Thesis submission


April 19, 15.00


Deadline for submission a request for changes in the title of the master thesis

April 22-23


Preliminary defense of MA Thesis

April 26, 17.00

Submission of a request for title and / or supervisor change (if needed)

Approval  of the name of external reviewer

Module 4

May 13-14


Preliminary defense   /supervisor approval    of the   term   paper   .


May 20, 23.59


Final draft  of MA Thesis  submission to LMS system

May 28


Deadline for submutting the Theses' Supervisors' Reviews

May 31


Deadline for submutting the External Supervisors' Reviews

June 3


Thesis Printed Version Submission in Office Deadline

June 10-11


Defense of MA Thesis

June 16

Final draft  of the term paper submission through LMS system


June 20th-21st

Defense of the term paper