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The internship is an integral part of a degree programme and is designed to help students gain professional experience, as well as improve and strengthen their knowledge and competencies acquired in the course of theoretical education.

For master’s students, professional internship (for master’s thesis) is the way to incorporate research and/or teaching internship. It is aimed at the development of the research and professional skills of students, their competencies in self-organisation, independent professional activities, and proper time management. It also serves the need to collect primary data for completing research.
The internship is held in the spring semester of the second year. It weights 12 ECTS and can take place in research divisions of HSE, or in external organizations.
Internships are graded on a 10-point grading scale and assessment results are included in the student performance rating. Students who failed to complete their internship for no valid reason or who received a fail grade shall be facing academic failure.

Before the start of the internship, students should bring an agreement  between HSE and the organization to the study office.

The research advisor and the student’s supervisor from the place of internship together supervise the students’ activities during the internship. 

Internship dates

Group MFN191-192 from 11.01.2021 to 13.03.2021 
Group MFN181-182 from 13.01.2020 to 15.03.2020

Internship coordinator

Yulia Leevik

Associate Professor


Students can complete intership at the following positions:

  1. In any company operating in a business area, connected with intership main goals. In this case student shall provide Programme Office with agreement for internship. Number of agreement shall be registred via email eleshchinskaya@hse.ru
  2. In HSE partner-company. You can find list of parners and availiable placed for internship on HSE Career Centre website (https://spb.hse.ru/career/). Students do not need to sign agreement, if they have intership in partner-company
  3. If students are working, they can have internship at the employer company. Agreement for internship shall be made for this type of internship.

For more information on internships see the Regulations for student internships at HSE.

Regulations for student internships at HSE.pdf

Regulations for HSE Student Project Work, Research and Internships

Information on the organisation of internship at our programme and necessary documents are provided below.

Internship request 

Individual internship assignment

Review & Report

Intermship schedule

Internship regulations MiF_2019 (DOC, 128 Kb)