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Double -degree Master's Programme: UCL (Economics and Business Diploma) and HSE University St. Petersburg (Finance Diploma)


 Provisional list of masters’ dissertation topics  (DOCX, 24 Kb)



In 2015 HSE University St. Petersburg joined the renowned IMESS consortium coordinated by University College London (UCL) and involving 8 prestigious European Universities. From September 2016, UCL and HSE University St. Petersburg will be offering an English language double degree programme in ‘Economics and Business, which will result in the award of two degrees.

About the programme

The IMESS programme is a two-year integrated Masters programme in which all students spend year one at UCL in London, where they develop expertise in the methodologies (econometrics), theories and applications of Economics and Business and have the opportunity to learn or improve a language. In the second year, the students will move on to HSE in St. Petersburg, where they will specialise in Finance, have the opportunity to further improve their Russian language, participate in an internship and undertake an advanced research dissertation of 25,000 words. The provisional programme of study for the two years is outlined below. 

IMESS Year One at UCL

IMESS Year Two at HSE St. Petersburg

International Macroeconomic Policy (12 ECTS)

Strategic Finance (5 ECTS)

Quantitative Methods (6 ECTS)

Dissertation package (30 ECTS)

Advanced Quantitative Methods (6 ECTS)

Internship (13 ECTS)

Financial Development (6 ECTS)


Corporate Finance and Investment (6 ECTS)


Economics & Business electives (24 ECTS max):Political Economy of International Business (12 ECTS)Energy, Technology & Innovation (6 ECTS) Corporate Governance (6 ECTS)The Economics of Property Rights (6 ECTS)Economics of Health & Population (6 ECTS)Public Choice : Private Interest (6 ECTS)Development Economics (6 ECTS)

Finance Electives (12 ECTS max):Business Evaluation (4 ECTS) Social Projects and Social Entrepreneurship (4 ECTS) Mergers and Acquisitions (4 ECTS) Strategic Cost Management (4 ECTS) Working Capital Management (4 ECTS )Financial Engineering (4 ECTS)  IFRS (4 ECTS)

Russian (or other) Language (12 ECTS, instead of 12 ECTS of electives; a language must be taken in at least one year of the programme)

Russian language (4 ECTS, instead of one finance elective; compulsory if no language taken in year 1)

The double degree and the IMESS Examination Board

On successful completion of the programme students will be awarded two full Masters degrees: a UCL degree in Economics and Business, and a HSE degree in Finance.
Successful completion will be determined only by the final Examination Board which meets in London during the October after students complete the programme. Preliminary confirmation of completion can be provided in the interim period if required.

Why choose IMESS at HSE University in St. Petersburg?

  • The IMESS Programme is hosted within the Department of Finance of our vibrant School of Economics and Management, in a brand new state of the art restored warehouse building in St. Petersburg.
  • The year two modules are drawn from the HSE Masters in Finance programme which is an accredited programme and a flagship programme of the campus.
  • The department has particular strengths in: risk, innovation, corporate finance, financial markets and institutions, corporate tax planning and accounting and audits.
  • During year two, the IMESS programme will focus on:
  1. Developing risk management skills
  2. Applying the theoretical foundation developed in the first year, through applied and practical projects and an internship
  3. Exploring different learning methods, including case studies, simulators, business games and investment challenges
  4. Producing and defending an advanced research dissertation in a topic of contemporary finance which will be jointly assessed by UCL and HSE

Saint Petersburg School of Economics and Management

 Look at our video SEM Video


Scholarship opportunities

The IMESS consortium provides for a number of generous scholarships for European (Category B) and non-European (Category A) students. Further details of how to apply for these can be found on the IMESS website 
Note: please also contact the HSE IMESS organisers (see below) for advice on scholarship applications.

Tuition Fees

The IMESS programme is a premium programme coordinated by one of the world’s Top-10 Universities (UCL) and involving prestigious partners from across the European region. The fees are collected (in £sterling) on behalf of the consortium in each year by UCL and for 2016/17 the fees are set (in Euros) as follows:

European Union students: €11,050 per academic year
Non-EU students: €19,650 per academic year

How to apply

There is a centralised application process for the IMESS programme which is coordinated by UCL but which involves collaboration with all the partners. The application must therefore be submitted online through the UCL application portal as explained on the IMESS website. In submitting your application, please note that you should include the supplementary IMESS questionnaire as part of your package.

For applicants to the Economics and Business track at HSE St. Petersburg it is important to note that a notarised copy of your Bachelors diploma will be required by the time of entry to the programme. The IMESS administrator will provide further details if your application is successful.

Contacts and Programme Management

Programme Coordinator at HSE: Professor Elena Rogova (erogova@hse.ru)
IMESS Programme Administrator (UCL): Marta Kotwas (m.kotwas@ucl.ac.uk)