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Final State Certification

Final State Certification - 2020

Proposed topics for master's dissertations (XLSX, 15 Кб) 

Thesis deadlines

november, 20
To approve a supervisor and title of Master's thesis

march, 13

Opportunity to change a supervisor

april 17

Opportunity to change a title of Master's thesis 


may, 15

Uploading a Master's thesis to LMS (until 23:59)

June 1-5



Regualtions on Final State Certification
Procedure for Appealing the Results of State Final Certifications
Regulations for Term Papers and Theses Prepared by Students of the Bachelor’s, Specialist and Master’s Level at the National Research University Higher School of Economics
Regulations on Checking Student Papers for Plagiarism and the Publication of Bachelor’s, Specialist and Master’s Theses on the HSE Corporate Website 

Admission to the defence

Students who successfully complete the all the courses and provide master's thesis with the response of the supervisor within the prescribed period are allowed to the defence. Persons not admitted to the defence of the thesis are expelled from the HSE.The defence is carried out by the State Certification Board, which is headed by a chairperson approved by HSE Academic Council Topics and supervisors of master's theses are approved by order in the second year of study.

Guidelines for Master's thesis preparation

Guidelines for Master's Thesis MiF 2019 


Defenсe begins with a student report on the topic of dissertation. The report on the master's thesis takes time up to 20 minutes. For group dissertations, a time of up to 30 minutes is provided. All members of group must be present on the defence. The student should set forth the main content of his dissertation freely without reading a written text. In the process of the report, a computer presentation of the work can be used, visual materials (tables, diagrams) or other material illustrating the main provisions of the work. After completing the report, members of the state examination board ask the student questions that are directly related to the topic of the dissertation or related to the field of research. When answering questions, the student has the right to use printed copy of his dissertation. The presence of thesis supervisor and (or) the reviewer at the defence is not mandatory. After the discussion, the student is given the final word. In his concluding remarks, the student must respond to the comments of thesis supervisor and the reviewer, if any. After the student’s concluding remarks, the defence procedure is considered completed. 


The procedure for organizing and conducting appeals based on the results of state certification tests, introduced in 2015 

Regulations for appeal comission 

      Procedure for Appealing the Results of State Final Certifications

Postponement of the defence 

If a student fails to appear for the defence for a proper reason, date of the defence will be postponed for Fall semester under student's request 

Postponement of the defence 

A student who does not pass the final state certification without a proper reason, including receiving unsatisfactory results at the final state certification, is expelled from the HSE and an academic certificate is issued. When a student is reinstated at the Higher School of Economics, the specified student is entitled to pass the final state certification again no earlier than one year and no later than two years after passing the final state certification for the first time. (Regulation on the final state certification, clause 5.1.)

Graduation with honors ("red diploma")

In accordance with federal standards, a diploma with honors is issued to a graduate of the Higher School of Economics, who has passed exams with a rating of “excellent” in at least 75% of all disciplines in the form of the final exam control, enlisted in the diploma supplement, and in other disciplines enlisted in this application - with a rating of "good", and the pass Final State Certification only with excellent marks. 
In accordance with the Regulation on the organization of intermediate certification and ongoing monitoring of student performance at the Higher School of Economics, the retake of a positive assessment at the Higher School of Economics is not allowed.
The spelling of names in English in the European Diploma Supplement is agreed with the staff of the programme office. It is in the student’s interests that it matches international passport.
The student can choose which extracurricular courses to include in the diploma and which not to include.If a student wants to shorten the list, for example, in order to comply with the conditions for obtaining a diploma with honors, the student must write an application at the programme office with a list of desired extracurricular courses for exclution.

Postgraduate leave

Students who successfully completed the Final State Certification in June have the right to apply for postgraduate leave until August, 08 according to the schedule of the educational process). To do this, you must bring an application for postgraduate vacations to the study office until June 10. 

Request for post-graduation vacation (DOC, 31 Kb) 


Final State Certification - 2020

Dates and Time

State certification test

State certification event

The date of the event

The time

The list of students

The defence of Master’s thesis




Aprelkova Galina Vitalevna

Afanasev Vladislav Viktorovich

Beckles Rodriguez Aileen Janneth

Berezin Aleksandr Vladimirovich

Betckaia Sofia Nikolaevna

Bludoh Elliot Dela

Bobrikova Yulia Vasilevna

Wang Cong

Goldberg Alexei

Gyinae Samuel Kwadwo-Bour




Evsyukov Alexey Vladimirovich

Zinnatullin Ilnaz Faritovich

Zinurova Yana Ramilevna

Zubova Anna Andreevna

Ivlieva Anna Alekseevna

Kadamova Farangiz Odilbek Kizi

Kaplun Margarita Pavlovna

Kireeva Ekaterina Aleksandrovna

Kirillova Ekaterina Iurevna

Kudinova Darina Igorevna




Kuznetsova Anna Aleksandrovna

Kuzmina Valeriia Aleksandrovna

Barhoum Ali

Kirmizi Ugur

Li Zhonghao

Lineva Alena Eduardovna

Smirnova Alena Alekseevna

Liao Xiangyi

Lyash Aleksandr Andreevich

Maharramli Oruj

Maryova Alyona Alekseevna




Mirzoeva Sitora Goibnazarovna

Pak Yelena

Petrova Ekaterina Alekseevna

Pykhtin Kirill Andreevich

Savina Yuliya Yurevna

Kulik Anna Alekseevna

Savrasov Aleksei Olegovich

Safronova Svetlana Sergeevna

Seliuzhytskaya Katsiaryna Gennadevna

Skopenko Marina Andreevna




Tah Pascar Tagwan

Tetteh Benjamin

Tran Phuong

Zhou Hao

Shanina Ekaterina Mikhaylovna

Schetnikova Alina Alekseevna

Emmert Florian Gerhard Werner

Esson Ishmael Ali

Iudina Valeriia Dmitrievna

Presidium meeting




GUIDELINES FOR TERM PAPER Master in Finance - 2018


Executive Secretary of Appeals Committee - Anastasia Kibardina
Contacts: +7 (812) 644-59-11 *61520
Email: akibardina@hse.ru
Address: Kantemirovskaya, 3, room 311