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Course Works' and Theses' Topics

1st Year Students' Course Works' Topics for Year 2018/2019:

Student NameCourse Work TopicScientific Supervisor
Sophia Cubbson Abban Malay Paramountcy: Stumbling Block to Unity or Guardian of Social Harmony?PhD, prof. Sergei Akopov
Nadyaa Afiqah Binti Azerin The Untold Stories, the Unheard Testimonies of our Heroines; Examining Female Participation in Ghana’s Independence struggle, 1946-1957PhD, sen. lecturer Elena Kochetkova
Aleksandra BabikovaFrom Imperial to Soviet Tourist Spaces of the Black Sea Coast: Transformation of Narrative and Visual Representations of Attractive Spots, 1880’s-1930’sPhD, assoc. prof. Alexandra Bekasova
Georgiy BozhchenkoScience and Politics in the Soviet Space Program, the example of Soviet-Swedish CollaborationPhD, research fellow Martin Emanuel Bo Arne
Deerpaul YadhavTechnological and Environmental History of the Railway Network in Late 19th Century British MauritiusPhD, assoc. prof. Alexandra Bekasova
Parvina IsmoilovaCotton Production and Technology in Uzbekistan, 1990s-2010sPhD, sen. lecturer Elena Kochetkova
Lois KalbKupchino: the Making of a New City District & Everyday Life in the Late Soviet Period (1970s – 1980s)PhD, assoc. prof. Marina Loskutova
Elena Krasilnikova‘Cultured Trade’ Policy in Leningrad in 1950s-1960sPhD, sen. lecturer Elena Kochetkova
Kirill KuznetsovMyth on Trotskyism: Changing the Image of Political Opposition in 1920s-1930sPhD, sen. lecturer Alexander Reznik
Alexander KuchinskiyNatural resources and Indigenous Peoples on Sakhalin in 1920sPhD, assoc. prof. Julia Lajus
Elena KusharinaCensorship of Literature Criticism in the Russian Empire (1900-1910s)PhD, assoc. prof. Marina Loskutova
Lee Sang JunOral History of Ethnic Koreans in Saint Petersburg, Scoping back to Post-Soviet transition period (1989-1999)PhD, assoc. prof. Marina Loskutova
Daria LyapinaThe USSR and the WHO in 1946-1980: Cold War Contradictions and CooperationPhD, sen. lecturer Elena Kochetkova
Aleksey ManuylovTransport Network in the Russian Metropolitan Cities and the Projects of Rapid Transport Systems, 1880-1910sPhD, assoc. prof. Alexandra Bekasova
Anastasia PavlovskayaShaping the Memory of the Siege of Leningrad: Institute for the History of CPSU in 1942-1944PhD, assoc. prof. Nikolai Ssorin-Chaikov
Alexei Pavlovskiy“Imagined Films about War”: Memory on the Siege of Leningrad and Soviet Film Production in Brezhnev EraPhD, assoc. prof. Nikolai Ssorin-Chaikov
Lewis Clarkson PurcellThe Orthodox Church and the Politics of Memory of Soviet Repression: the Origins and Development after the Fall of the USSRPhD, prof. Jeanne Kormina
Vitaliy SafonovRussian Patriotism between Nazism and Bolshevism, 1941-1945PhD, prof. Jeanne Kormina
Olga SeyfetdinovaSocial Life of Book in USSR (1950-1970s)PhD, assoc. prof. Nikolai Ssorin-Chaikov
Giovanny Simon MachadoParadise is Just Ahead: Cold War Soviet Printed Propaganda in BrazilPhD, sen. lecturer Elena Kochetkova
Daria SnigirIslamic System of Cultural Heritage Management in 1980-2010PhD, assoc. prof. Alexei Kraikovski
Jan SoerDutch Maritime Expedition in the mid-18th Century and its CirculationsPhD, assoc. prof. Alexei Kraikovski
Nikita TumanovEmergence of Russia’s International Legal Repertoire of Security and Peace, 1762-1825PhD, assoc. prof. Tatiana Borisova
Daniel FedkevichRepresentations of the State in Curricula of Islamic Universities in Russia in the 1990s and 2000sPhD, assoc. prof. Leonid Isaev
Irina FedorovaScience Diplomacy during the Cold War: the Soviet Scientists’ Participation in the Pugwash MovementPhD, assoc. prof. Julia Lajus
2nd Year Students' Theses' Topics for Year 2018/2019:

Student NameThesis TopicScientific Supervisor
Natalia AvdeevaThe Mariavite Movement in Poland: from the Emergence to the SchismPhD, prof. Jeanne Kormina
Nadezhda AdukanovaThe Wilderness Frontiers: Encounters of Tourism and Nature Protection in Kronotsky Reserve (Kamchatka), 1985-2000PhD, assoc. prof. Julia Lajus
Amelie BarsalouUtopia or Revolution? Overview on ‘Left’ French Women’s Newspapers Reaction to Alexandra Kollontai’s ‘Sexual Morality’, 1920sPhD, assoc. prof. Tatiana Borisova
Aleksandra BessonovaUrban Planning in the Soviet Union and Soviet-German Exchanges in 1920s-1930sPhD, assoc. prof. Alexandra Bekasova
Jeffery BoaduHistory of Energy Developments in Ghana: Impact of Colonial Legacies on Electricity Development, 1966-2010PhD, research fellow Viktor Pal
Patrick DanyohA Historical Study of Ghana Education: the State and the Catholic Mission Schools in Colonial and Post-Colonial TimesPhD, assoc. prof. Nikolai Ssorin-Chaikov
Augustine DansoPrivatization of the Ghana Film Industry and its Impacts on Socio-Economic Development in Ghana, 1980s-2018PhD, sen. lecturer Elena Kochetkova
Evgeniy EgorovDiscussing the Union: Three Attempts of Scandinavian Unification (1740-1864)PhD, prof. Adrian Selin
Linda KvitkinaHistory of a Housing Complex: the Great Expectations of the 1980sPhD, assoc. prof. Nikolai Ssorin-Chaikov
Julia KulikovaVisions of Urban Transport Futures and the Rise of Tramway-Trolleybus Regime in Petrograd-LeningradPhD, assoc. prof. Alexandra Bekasova
Rainer Matos Franco‘Vrazhda Narodov”: the Indelible National Identity among Students of the Comintern Schools PhD, sen. lecturer Alexander Reznik
Amrita MukherjeeDefining Classicism in Post-Independent India: Construction of Cultural IdentityPhD, assoc. prof. Nikolai Ssorin-Chaikov
Evgenia PlatonovaConstructing Feminity and Masculinity during the Thaw: the Leningrad House of ModelsPhD, assoc. prof. Julia Lajus
Anna SakharovaHistory of the Development of Small Aviation in Transition from the Late Soviet Union to Post-Soviet Russia in Transnational PerspectivePhD, assoc. prof. Julia Lajus
Liya XieThe Social Life of Russian Chinoiserie: Knowledge Production, Consumption and ReceptionPhD, assoc. prof. Marina Loskutova
Egor SidorenkoCross-Temporal Comparison of Election Campaigns of Donald Trump and Theodore RooseveltPhD, assoc. prof. Nikolai Ssorin-Chaikov
Diptopal Chakraborty‘Multiple Temporalities” and History of Culinary Practices in Urban BengalPhD, assoc. prof. Nikolai Ssorin-Chaikov