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Term paper and master thesis

The Applied and Interdisciplinary History MA students are expected to submit two pieces of written research. The term paper is submitted on the 1st year of study. Master thesis is defended in the 2nd year of study upon completing all the courses and internships prescribed by the program. Below you may find useful guidelines and documents on the term paper and master thesis.

Information on Thesis Defense in 2019:


Official HSE Regulations on Term and Master Papers
Term Papers Guidelines for Applied and Interdisciplinary History Students
Master's Theses Guidelines for Applied and Interdisciplinary History Students
Research Proposal Guideline
Formal Requirements for Thesis


Master's Thesis Cover Sheet
Term Papers Topic Form
MA Thesis Topic Form
MA Thesis Topic Change Form
Term Papers Topic Change Form
 Term Paper Cover Sheet
Term Paper Supervisor Change Form
Term Paper Topic AND Supervisor Change Form 

Deadlines for Year 2018/2019:



1st year

2nd year

Module 2





4 November


First version of one chapter (no less than 20 000 characters) submitted

 November –  14-15


Discussion of the first chapter at Research Seminar

December 3, 6 pm, to programme office

Submission of the subject of term paper and supervisor to be approved

Submission of a request for title and/ or supervisor approval


December 10

First short version of Thesis proposal (no less than 10 000 characters) submitted



December 13-14

Discussion of the first version of Thesis proposal at Research seminar


Module 3

17 January


First version of another chapter (no less than 20 000 characters) submitted

24-31 Jan


Discussion of the chapter at Research Seminar

April 01


First version of full MA Thesis submitted

April 8


Feedback by supervisor received by student and a Head of MA programme

April 17, 3 p.m.


Deadine for submission a request        for changes in the title of the thesis and/or supervisor (if needed). The request must be signed by student and supervisor.

April 18, 23.59


MA Thesis submitted for pre-defense to the supervisor

April 19, 5 p.m.


Deadline in submission  of external reviewer's data for approval.

April 22 and 23


Pre-Defense of the Master Thesis

April, 26, 5 pm. to programme office

Deadline for submission a request for change in the title and/or supervisor (if needed)


Module 4

May 8, 17.00

Deadline for submitting the request for term paper topic or supervisor change


May 10, 23.59

Term paper for the preliminary defense submitted


May 13-14

Preliminary defense of the term paper


May 16, 23.59



Final text of MA Thesis submitted to LMS system 

May 23


Review from thesis supervisor submitted

May 29


Review from external reviewer submitted

May 31


Thesis Printed Version Submission in Office Deadline

June 6-7


Defense of MA Thesis

June 10, 23.59

Final term paper text submission to LMS



June 17 and 19

Defense of the Term paper