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Types and terms of internship

The program provides one educational science research internship in the 3rd module of the 2nd year of study.
According to the study plan the duration of the internship is 228 hours of which 2 hours are contact.
Science research internship starts on January.

Internship Supervisor 

Anastasiia Pleshkova
Senior Lecturer

Place of internship           

The place of the internship must be set by December 15. Place of internship is approved with internship supervisor.

There are the following ways to find a place of internship:

1. Get assistance from Career Development Centre. Each year, the CDC forms a base of places for internship, which will be provided by our partners for students. More information can be found on the webpage Bank of Internship.

2. Your internship supervisor can help to find a place of internship.

3. Internship can be done in the laboratories and research centers of the Higher School of Economics, in this case you need to contact the heads of the respective structural units.

4. If you are employed, and the field of the work meets the goals and objectives of the internship, you can do the internship at your work. In this case, it is necessary to provide a contract with the organization for internship

5. Find a place of internship yourself. In this case, you will need to provide a contract with the organization to the study office before starting the internship.

Internship documents

Regulations for HSE Student Project Work, Research and Internships
Guidelines for the organization and conduct of student internship at HSE - St. Petersburg 

Internship guidelines

2020 Internship regulations MAB

Internship Reporting

1. Before the beginning of the internship, together with the internship supervisor, students draw up an individual assignment for the internship and the schedule of internship. Depending on the place of internship, these documents can be provided both in Russian and English. They are filled in during the internship and signed by internship supervisors from the HSE and the company. After the internship is completed, an individual task and a internship schedule are presented together with the internship report on the day of defence. In the absence of these documents or the absence of the necessary signatures in them, the student will be denied admission to the defense. 

Individual task for the internship in English Individual internship assignment 
Individual task for the internship in Russian Индивидуальное задание 
Filled in example of individual task for the internship Individual internship assignment-Example 

Schedule of the internship in English Intermship schedule
Schedule of the internship in Russian  График прохождения практики 
Filled in example of schedule of the internship Internship schedule-Example

2. Before beginning of the internship, it is necessary to sign an agreement. If the student is doing internships through the Career Development Centre or at the HSE structural unit, no agreement is required. The argeement number must be obtained / registered at the study office by  abezrukavnikov@hse.ru  
Agreement template in Russian 
Internship agreement (rus) 

Agreement template in two languages Internship agreement (bilingual) 


3. After the end of the internship, internship supervisor from company writes a review. The review can be provided in both Russian and English.
Review in English: Internship Regulations, Appendix B  
Review in Russian Отзыв 

4. During the internship, students write a report. The report must be conducted in English. A sample report structure and the title page are given in Internship Regulations, Appendix A. 
The report is submitted in electronic form 2 weeks before the defence of the internship for verification by the dissertation supervisor and the supervisor of the internship. Students bring a printed report to the defence.

Internship defence

Internship defence is conduted with the board during exam period of the 3rd module. To the defense student brings a printed report, completed and signed individual assignment and schedule of the internship, review from the company.
Students who do not complete the internship program without valid reason or who have received an unsatisfactory grade are considered to have academic failure.

Questions and answers

Q: I am already employed, can I do internship in the workplace?
A: Yes, you can, if your work meets the goals and objectives of the internship.

Q: Is it possible to provide my employment contract as an internship contract?
A: No, because the employment contract does not certify that you are doing the internship at the workplace. In this case, an individual agreement for internship is needed.

Q: How do I know if an agreement has been made between the organization where I am going to have internship and the HSE?
A: You can look at the list of current agreements on the website of the Career Development Centre or check this information in the study office.

Q: Is it possible to complete the internship at other period of time?
A: Yes, the internship can be completed earlier, while the date for defence remains unchanged. There must be a valid reason for delaying internship, which can be discussed with the academic supervisor and at the study office. In this case, the internship agreement must be signed no later than 2 weeks before internship beginning. You will also need to fill in an application for individual terms of practice. Форма заявления