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New Call For International Ambassadors at HSE Saint Petersburg

*recommended age
Event ended

We are excited to announce a second call for International Ambassadors at HSE University - St. Petersburg!

Benefits and privileges for HSE International Ambassadors will include:

  • Financing and supporting projects aimed at attracting new students and developing the reputation of HSE St. Petersburg abroad;
  • Free professional trainings and workshops on marketing, development of presentation skills, leadership skills etc.;
  • HSE branded Hoodies & T-Shirts;
  • Letters of recommendation from the International Office for work or study;
  • Teamwork and project work experience;
  • Opportunity for self-PR at HSE electronic platforms;
  • New experiences and friends!


 You may apply for participation in the program until November, 20.

 You need: 

  1. To be an international student: 3rd or 4th-year student of an undergraduate programme or 2nd-year student of a graduate program. 1st-year graduate students may participate if they have graduated from HSE earlier. 
  2. To write a motivation letter including an answer to the question ‘What is my motivation to become the Ambassador and how I can do it?’ and a brief description of the projects you want to implement with our future support. The motivation letter should also reflect your commitment to participate in all activities of the programme and to contribute to strengthening a positive image and developing international cooperation at HSE after becoming the International Ambassador.
  3. To compose a resume/CV with references to previous experience/volunteering/participation in conferences in the international relations field.
  4. To collect the following documents: 
1) letter from Curriculum Support office regarding the absence of academic debt, disciplinary action and financial debt;
2) at least one recommendation from any of the following persons:
  • Faculty Dean;
  • Academic Supervisor of your programme;
  • Head of any Department or Research Center;
  • Chair of the Student Council;
  • Head of Unit for Student Extracurricular Activities;
  • Head of International office;
  • Director of Centre for Research Management and Academic Development;
  • Chairman of the internationalization Commission.

Printed versions of the required documents should be brought to Lidia Koshkina, room 215, 123 Naberezhnaya Kanala Griboedova, Saint Petersburg.

Hurry up! The number of International Ambassadors is limited!