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Student Life


Student life at HSE St. Petersburg is about much more than lectures and dissertations (important though they are)! With a wealth of events, clubs and socities for you to join, there are ample opportunities to have fun, express yourself and create a lasting impression of your time at HSE.

SDS (Students for Students)

The biggest student club at HSE St. Petersburg, we regularly organize a range of activities including parties, Mr. & Ms. HSE, skating nights, the HSE Music Festival and much more.


HSE Vocal Studio

This is a modern studio where students have the chance to discover and demonstrate their vocal abilities in a range of styles: pop, jazz, rock, folk, beatbox etc. Studio members have performed at a number of concerts and events in St. Petersburg. Do you like singing? You’re welcome to join the team!


KVN (Stand-Up Comedy Club)

KVN is a famous Russian comedy TV show where teams (usually college students) compete, giving humorous answers to questions and performing sketches.

A well-known game throughout Russian-speaking countries,the abbreviation KVN stands for three Russian words that can be translated as the "Club of Funny and Inventive" people.

If you have a good sense of humour, enjoy performing onstage and making people laugh, then why not join one of the teams or create your own and try to win the KVN trophy?


HSE Dance Club

Members of the club meet twice a week to practice different dance styles and prepare performances for HSE festivals, parties and other events.

Debating Club

If you want to improve your public speaking skills, develop your critical thinking, discuss current news and events and learn more effective ways of persuasion, then we’d love to see you at the HSE Debating Club. For more information please contact Yuliya Puptseva, club manager: ypuptseva@gmail.com.


Student Scientific Society

The Student Scientific Society defines its mission as “the introduction of the culture of scientific research to students and the positioning of “Science” as a universal practical tool that allows us to find answers to questions of any complexity, size and subject”. For further information, please contact: aeskhvediani@mail.ru.

Bad BlackFox Studio (Film Production Club)

The club brings together people who are interested in making short films of various genres which are then shown at the HSE Film Festival.



If you have any questions about student life

at HSE St. Petersburg, please contact:

Ksenia Kuzmina

Head of Student Life Office




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