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Entering the Russian Federation for studying in 2020-2021 during COVID-19 pandemic

Procedure of entering the country

Despite the current restrictions on entry, the management of the Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg has developed and approved an entry procedure for international students.

International students (including applicants, newcoming freshmen, non-degree and exchange students) entering the Russian Federation must:

1. Follow the update of the list of "open" countries on this page

Follow only by the official information on the HSE website!

2. Plan the visit to the Russian Federation no earlier than 15 days after your country is included in the list

International full-time applicants and admittes frist year full-time students (freshmen 2021 intake) and international exchange and non-degree students are invited to arrive in St. Petersburg  STARTING FROM August 27, 2021 (dormitory check-in and registration cannot be provided before this date).

International students in 2-4 year of studies who already have their room in the dormitory can arrive any date.

If you need a visa to enter the Russian Federation, after the country of your citizenship is included in the list of "open countries", employees of the Visa & Immigration Support Office will contact you and inform you about the procedure and approximate terms for issuing a visa invitation. Do not buy a ticket to the Russian Federation until the Embassy / Consulate of the Russian Federation assigns you a date for obtaining a visa! In order to avoid misunderstandings, we recommend that you do not buy tickets before receiving a visa.

3. After buying a ticket and no later than 15 days before the date of entry into the Russian Federation, share the information about your planned date of entry with the university. 

International full-time applicants and admitted students in year 1 (freshmen) must submit this information in their online Personal Account, section 'Arriving in Russia'. See screenshot: Arrival ENG screenshot        If something does not work, please report to iadmission-spb@hse.ru 

International full-time students in years 2-4 must send this information to the Study Support Office of their degree programme via email in the format as below.

International non-degree and exchange students must send this information to the International Student Mobility Office via incomingspb@hse.ru in the format as below. 

Subject of Email: entry of an international student into the Russian Federation

In the email, please provide:

  • Full name in Latin letters as in the passport on which it is planned to enter the Russian Federation
  • Your educational program at the Higher School of Economics - St. Petersburg
  • Date of birth in dd.mm.yyyy format
  • Gender
  • Citizenship
  • Series and number of the document (passport), according to which it is planned to enter the Russian Federation
  • Estimated date of entry into the Russian Federation (which is indicated on your ticket)
  • Point of entry into the Russian Federation (name of the airport of arrival or land border crossing point)
  • Series and number of the visa (only if you have a Russian study visa valid at the time of the planned entry into the Russian Federation)

4. No later than the day of entry into the Russian Federation, send a scan of a negative PCR test for coronavirus to your educational office and to isso@hse.ru

Carry the original test (certificate) in Russian or English with you when entering the Russian Federation

5. When crossing the border of the Russian Federation, indicate the purpose of entry "study"

6. In case of difficulties when crossing the border of the Russian Federation, contact the hotline for international students by phone: +7 (981) 830 15 40

7. On the day of entry into the Russian Federation, send by e-mail to migrationspb@hse.ru the documents for migration registration in accordance with the instructions and make sure that confirmation is received within one working day. If confirmation has not come, urgently contact the Visa & Immigration Support Office

8. After arriving in the Russian Federation, observe the self-isolation regime at the place of residence and, within 72 hours from entering the Russian Federation, pass a second PCR test  for coronavirus. For the organization of the educational process during the period of self-isolation, contact your study office

9. The results of the re-test on the day of receipt should be submitted to the administration of the dormitory (if you live in one of the HSE dormitories), as well as sent by e-mail to your study office and to isso@hse.ru

10. Come to the university to receive and sign documents on migration registration after receiving an invitation from the Visa & Immigration Support Office and only if there is a negative PCR test done after entering the Russian Federation

11. Start studying according to the instructions received from the study office


Re-testing for coronavirus is possible via insurance or at any private clinic. Both the insurance and the test in a private clinic are paid for by students at their own expense.


Entry recommendations

By the decision of the Head state sanitary inspector of the Russian Federation of July 2nd, 2021 changes have been introduced to the regulations on entry for citizens of the Eurasian Economic Union, Turkmenistan and CIS countries
It is obligatory to have a negative PCR Covid-19 test result made not earlier than 3 calendar days before arrival to Russia, uploaded into the mobile application "Travel Without COVID-19".

From July 10th, 2021 these regulations will apply to citizens of:
1. Armenia
2. Belarus
3. Kazakhstan
4. Kyrgyzstan
5. Tajikistan

From September 1st, 2021 the regulations will apply to citizens of:
1. Azerbaijan
2. Moldova
3. Uzbekistan
4. Turkmenistan

For citizens of the rest of countries it will be obligatory to just have a negative result of PCR Covid-19 test made not earlier than 3 calendar days before arrival to Russia.


In regard with stated above, we strongly recommend our international students the following:

• DO NOT enter for the purpose of entry other than "study" (for example, for medical treatment, private visit etc);

• Do not attempt to transit through opened countries (UK, Turkey etc.);

• Do not try to illegally cross the border, hoping that you will be lucky;

• Wait until the official opening of the borders with the country of your citizenship

Entry restrictions

As of July 1, 2021, the borders of the Russian Federation remain closed for the entry of most foreign citizens in accordance with the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of March 16, 2020 No. 635-r. 

At the moment, only foreign citizens with citizenship or residence permits of the following countries can enter the territory of the Russian Federation in the status of international students:

  1. Abkhazia
  2. Albania
  3. Armenia
  4. Austria
  5. Azerbaijan
  6. Belarus
  7. Belgium
  8. Bulgaria
  9. China
  10. Croatia
  11. Cuba
  12. Cyprus
  13. Czech Republic 
  14. Egypt
  15. Ethiopia
  16. Finland
  17. France
  18. Germany
  19. Greece
  20. Hungary
  21. Iceland
  22. Ireland
  23. India
  24. Italy
  25. Japan
  26. Jordan
  27. Kazakhstan
  28. Kyrgyzstan
  29. Lebanon
  30. Liechtenstein
  31. Luxembourg
  32. Maldives
  33. Malta
  34. Mauritius
  35. Mexico
  36. Moldova (only with air points of entry)
  37. Morocco
  38. North Macedonia
  39. Portugal
  40. Qatar
  41. Republic of Seychelles
  42. Saudi Arabia
  43. Serbia
  44. Singapore
  45. South Korea
  46. South Ossetia
  47. Sri Lanka
  48. Switzerland
  49. Syria
  50. Tajikistan
  51. Tanzania
  52. Turkey
  53. United Arab Emirates
  54. United Kingdom
  55. United States of America
  56. Uzbekistan
  57. Venezuela
  58. Vietnam
Taking into account the difficult epidemiological situation in Tanzania, the current restrictions on air traffic were extended until 11:59 p.m. on August 17, 2021.
Due to resumption of regular air traffic with some of the mentioned countries, only citizens and persons with a residence permit or another document confirming the right to permanent residence in the country of departure are accepted for traveling by direct flights from each of the above countries, subject to presentation of valid identity documents and a visa or in a visa-free manner in cases provided for in the international treaties of the Russian Federation, as well as the categories of foreign citizens listed in clause 1.1.

The list will be updated as new orders of the Government will be issued. Also, we recommend that you follow the updates on the official website of the Government of the Russian Federation 

Migration compliance

In the conditions of self-isolation, migration registration this academic year will be carried out remotely. Read the full procedure for migration registration, and mind that this is the most important process, which is important to pay attention to immediately after crossing the border in order to avoid any fines, sanctions or even deportation for violation of migration laws.


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