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International students at HSE St. Petersburg can choose from three types of housing during the study: HSE student dormitory, hostels, or private rented apartments.

HSE Student Dormitory

All international students (both full-time and exchange, as well as free-movers) are offered a place at the new HSE Student Dormitory located at 21A Zaporozhskaya Street, within a 10-minute walk from the Obukhovo (Обухово) metro station (green line).


  • This dormitory is renovated, equipped and furnished in 2016 and offers comfortable accommodation in rooms for two or for four persons. All rooms are furnished with beds, desks, chairs, wall shelves and a wardrobe. Two double rooms with shared facilities and two rooms for 4 persons, each room with its own facilities, make a unit. Each unit has a study room, a hallway with lockers and a shared kitchen with an electric cooker, fridges and microwave
  • Free WiFi spot is available
  • There are a sports hall, a self-service laundry and a student lounge in the dormitory
  • Blankets, pillows and bed sheets are provided to students
  • Accommodation fee is around 1,400 Rub per month in 2020

Book your accommodation at HSE Student Dormitory

  • Exchange students and Free-movers: indicate that you need a place in the dormitory in your application form
  • Full-time students, incl. Russian State Scholarship (quota) students: indicate that you need a place in the dormitory at the stage of application or later in the international full-time student survey

Please note: places are booked automatically; there is no option to choose the type of your accommodation.

To receive your place in HSE Student Dormitory, following documents should be provided:

  • Valid General Good Health certificate (including lung X-Ray) performed in Russian language (Форма 086У) or with official translation into Russian language, if issued in another language
  • Copy of passport and its official tranlsation into Russian language, if your passport does not contain full information in Russian
  • Your migration card in original
  • 2 color photos, 3x4 cm size
  • Valid medical insurance

Visit HSE Student Dormitory website to learn all about it.


There are plenty of hostels in the city centre. A bed in a hostel costs about 20 euros/night. You may find more information about hostels and facilities here. For further informaton, please contact the HSE University St. Petersburg International Office.

Private Rented Apartment

Many students prefer to rent an apartment individually or to share with others, either from the beginning of their stay in St. Petersburg or at a later date once they have settled in. Rental fee for a 1-bedroom (2 rooms with a separate kitchen) starts from 400 - 700 euro/month, depending on location and other factors. 

Please inform HSE University St. Petersburg International office about your plans to rent a private accommodation. If you need an assistance with finding appartmetns please send your request to the Accommodation Department at oop-spb@hse.ru, write ‘Request’ in the subject line.

Accommodation Request Form 

NB: If you live in a private apartment/flat (own, rent or stay by friends or relatives) – it is the responsibility of your landlord to secure your FIS Registration in this flat each time it is required (check-in and each re-entry to Russia). If you check-in to a private flat, sign a Tenancy Contract and pay the rental fee, make sure that your landlord agrees to perform your FIS Registration and that your landlord is authorized to do so.

Carefully read the FIS Registration Policy for HSE Student with Private Housing, check out the required documents, terms and procedures and discuss it with your landlord. 

More information on migration control process is available here.


  • It is recommended to use the service of reliable companies or those recommended by the university. 
  • Please do not pay any money before you sign the tenancy agreement
  • Normally the real estate agency ask for a fee, which equals 100% of the monthly payment
  • The landlords normally require a payment for the first month and the deposit of a monthly payment, which is give back when you leave the apartment or is used as a payment for the last month of your stay. It's recommended to inform the landlord 1 month in advance.  

HSE Dormitories in Saint Petersburg


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