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Seminars of the Research Group "Machine Learning and Social Computing"

First seminar of Research Group "Machine Learning and Social Computing":
trajectories of development and research of online games
-plans and the main ideas about future work 
-design and some results of researches on social algorithms
in online games and eSports were presented.
21.01.2017Alexander Sirotkin
Ilya Musabirov
Denis Bulygin
Ksenia Konstantinova
Anna Bataeva
Trajectories of development and research of online games_Bataeva Anna.pptx
Trajectories of development and research of online games_Online communication among eSports viewers.pptx
ML&SC Interaction and Intelligence 2017 workshop-service development:
*idea development
*data gathering and aggregation
*interface design
*implementation of a client-server application
Paul Okopny
Ilya Musabirov
Denis Bulygin


Topic Modeling in Sociological and Political Studies-basic stages of processing and applying topic modeling using the Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) algorithm and its modifications for Twitter's analysis
-application of these methods for the Integrum data
Alexander Sirotkin
Denis Bulygin
Ksenia Konstantinova
Viktor Karepin
Stanislav Pozdnyakov
Vadim Voskresensky
  LDA Workshop.pdf
Coverage algorithms for objects of urban environment-building maps in R and algorithms for calculating the coverage of urban areas using the example of St. Petersburg hotels and their application
-intermediate results of the construction of the distribution network of the express delivery companies
-algorithms for clustering and visualization of geographical objects in the python software environment
11.03.2017Irina Krylova
Stanislav Kozlov
Anna Golovchenko

Workshop "Recommendation systems. RecSys Challenge 2017".Recommendation systems ant its building08.04.2017Alexander Sirotkin
Ivan MishalkinStanislav Kozlov
Viktor Karepin

Startups, media and companies-social networking at sitesto and its use by entrepreneurs
-effect of the use of the social network on the success of start-ups
13.05.2017Alena Suvorova
Olga Dornostup
Startups, media and companies
Technological stratification of the IT market. Introduction to STM and analysis of freelance projects based on data from the site fl.ru-analysis of the structure of the IT market
-network hierarchies of specializations
-introduction to STM (structural-topic modeling)
-analysis of freelance projects using STM
22.04.2017Anastasia Nesterenko
Ivan Mishalkin
  fl python


Is it possible to win at the bookmaker: rating-models and social media-Introduction to rating systems
-improvement of algorithms for predicting the results of basketball games
14.10.201Andrey Shelopugin
Alexander Sirotkin
glicko rating_models
Why should I trust You: applying the LIME package for machine learning tasks -introduction to the LIME package for verifying and improving the results of machine learning16.11.2017Olga SilyutinaLIME
Methods of semantic analysis and semantic networks-bases of semantic analysis of texts in R
-building semantic networks in AutoMap
29.11.2017Alina Bakhitova
Olga Silyutina

TrueSkill: rating systems-TrueSkill rating system and how to improve it10.04.2018Alexander SirotkinTrueSkill.pdf
Cybersport researchEkaterina Marchenko and Vsevolod Suschevsky:
-design research, during which it will be considered how the team's rating, its origin and dynamics affect the probability of the occurrence of transfers between teams (the transition of players from one team to another)

Ksenia Konstantinova:
- how the practice of communication and involvement of spectators of e-sports broadcasts can be transformed depending on the popularity of the tournament.
28.04.2018Ekaterina Marchenko
Vsevolod Suschevsky
Ksenia Konstantinova





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