Moving in HSE Owned Dormitories

Having completed 2 study years of bachelor’s or specialist’s studies, HSE students can apply for moving to HSE University – Saint Petersburg’s own dormitory.

Students living in rented dormitories or apartments can inform the Accommodation Services Office about one or two preferred HSE’s own dormitories and apply for moving there.

Check-in will be arranged with respect to the number of vacant places and will be available for third- and fourth-year undergraduate student and second-year graduate students.

In 2022, the relocation of senior students (3-4 years of bachelor's and specialist's, 2nd year of master's degree) living in rented dormitories will be carried out from August 1 to August 15, 2022.

The list of documents for settling into the hostels of the Higher School of Economics - St. Petersburg:

To check-in HSE's own or rented dormitories, students have to present the following documents:

- an application for resettlement with a note that there are no debts in payment for living in a rented hostel as of July 31, 2022 
- the original copy of health certificates (general health certificate or form 068y);
- chest X-ray screening;
- medical insurance policy;
- copies of passport, visa, and migration card;
In case the certificates are issued not in Russian, they have to be translated into Russian and officially notarized.

Students must send information about their preferences at  

Please, indicate ‘Wishes for relocation’ in the e-mail subject line.

Application template

Full name

Field of study


Current relevant address (HSE rented dormitory or private accommodation)

Mobile phone number

You are a recipient of a state scholarship

Addresses of preferred dormitories

Ivan Ivanov



Rented apartment



21 Zaporozhskaya str.

As soon as the places in the dormitories become available, the Accommodation Services Office employee will contact you at the contact phone number you indicate in the application.