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Dormitory on 3 Krupskaya St.

Nevsky district of St. Petersburg, 3 Krupskaya St., building B

Corridor type    
 Wired internet
 Self-study room

Floors: 3

quadraple rooms
12 triple rooms
24 double rooms

Dormitory administration

Лапиашвили Тофик Рагимович

Административно-хозяйственный отдел корпуса №6: Начальник отдела

Phone: 8 (812) 412-58-88
E-mail: tlapiashvili @hse.ru
office №1
Пшеничнова Елена Геннадьевна

Административно-хозяйственный отдел корпуса №6: Заведующий хозяйством

Phone: 8 (812) 412-58-88
E-mail: epshenichnova@hse.ru
office №1

How to get there

The territory, which occupies the dormitory is located in Nevsky district of St. Petersburg, 12 min walk from the station. m. "Elizarovskaya" (952 meters).


The building is located in close proximity to the Neva river, in a neighborhood with quite developed infrastructure, limited by Krupskaya, Babushkin, Tkacha streets. The Babushkin park  or the Park of fairy tales is within walking distance. The Park of fairy tales is one of the oldest green places in Nevsky district of St. Petersburg and a favorite recreation place for the residents of Nevsky outpost.

A 10-minute walk from the dormitory is the book fair in the Krupskaya house of culture.

There are chain supermarkets within a walking distance from the dormitory.

Living rooms

The 1st floor of the building occupies the cycle of the Military department. On the territory there is a technical classroom and a platform for combat training.

The 2nd and 3rd floors are occupied by living rooms for students. The dormitory is designed for 92 people, 46 on each floor.

The building has rooms for 2, 3 and 4 local accommodation, fully furnished.

The sanitary conditions and order in the rooms are monitored by students, according to duty schedules.


On the living floors there are kitchens-dining rooms, where students can cook their own food. The kitchens are equipped with water coolers, electric stoves, refrigerators, sinks, dining tables, and all kinds of furniture for the convenience of living.

Toilets and showers

Each floor has 1 men's toilet room and 3 showers; and 1 women's toilet room and 3 showers.

Self-study rooms

On each floor of the dormitory there are study rooms for self-study, equipped with tables and chairs, Internet sockets.

Utility rooms, bedding

The dormitory is equipped with a household room. There are washing machines and drying racks. There is an ironing board and an iron on each floor.

Each resident of the dormitory is provided with soft equipment and bed linen. Linen is changed every 7 days.


All rooms have access to wired Internet (installed sockets). Provided a channel for the building from the provider - 100 Mbit/s.

Medical care

Medical care is provided in the district policlinic № 6 at Elizarova Ave. 32 cor. 2.

Phone:8 (812) 576-98-40.

Security, pass regime

The safety of students' accommodation in the dormitory is provided by the staff of a private security company. Employees monitor the pass inside the object mode and provide control of the surrounding area.

In the dormitory on all floors and around the perimeter of the building video cameras are installed.

Guests and parents can stay in the dormitory from 8.00 to 23.00 hours daily.

Security post phone number: 8 (812) 412-39-27