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Employment of foreign students

In accordance with the law, foreign students studying in Russian universities are exempt from obtaining a work permit if they

a) work during the holidays

b) work in their spare time in the universities in which they study.
Students from the member States of the Eurasian economic Union (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan) do not need a work permit.

In all other cases* foreign students studying full-time at a Russian University can independently apply to the Federal migration service (FMS) for a work permit.
To do this, you must provide the following documents:

* Statement 

statement (XLS, 83 Кб)

• Passport

* Notarized copy of passport

* Migration card, registration

* Copy of migration card, copy of registration

* Certificate from the academic part (I am a student)

* Employment contract (unsigned)**

* 500 – 3 500 rubles

* Health certificate (General)

* Certificate of absence of dangerous diseases (HIV, etc.)

• Digital photo

* Certificate of training of a foreign citizen on the program of professional 

education certificate from the University  (DOC, 27 Кб)


*The prohibition for foreigners-senior accountants

Among other things, the law on the legal status of foreign citizens was also amended to prohibit foreigners from holding the position of chief accountant or other position related to the accounting of a Russian company. Only foreigners with a residence permit or a temporary residence permit can keep accounts of the enterprise. Please consider this information in your work.

** The employer is obliged to notify the territorial body of the migration service and the employment service in the relevant subject of the Russian Federation, on the conclusion and termination of employment contracts with foreign students, as well as on granting them unpaid for more than 1 calendar month during the year (paragraph 18 of article 13.4 of the Law). At the same time, a foreign student may not carry out his / her work outside the territory of the subject of the Russian Federation in which he / she is studying (paragraph 20 of article 13.4 of the Law).

Documents should be submitted at:

Address of the Federal migration service (Multifunctional migration center) of Russia in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region: St. Petersburg, Kirochnaya str., 28 A (Chernyshevskaya)

After applying to the FMS, a foreign student must obtain a work permit for a period of up to one year within ten working days.

Accordingly, if a foreign employee is studying in professional educational institutions and educational institutions of higher education, with a student visa, he has the right to carry out work in his spare time, or during the holidays, while he does not need to obtain a work permit. The list of institutions where students can work in their spare time is limited. At the same time, the list of organizations where students have the right to work during the holidays is not limited (subparagraph 6 of paragraph 4 of article 13 of the Federal law "on the legal status of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation").  

What are the conditions of employment of foreign students at the University?

Employment of foreign students at HSE is carried out in a General manner, without restrictions in accordance with the labour legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as citizens of the Russian Federation in case of compliance with the above-mentioned migration requirements. For up-to-date information on the availability of vacancies, you can contact the personnel Department.

If a foreign student will work in a structural unit of the University, then he does not need to issue a work permit. Similarly, the University does not need to obtain permission to attract and use foreign workers.

When applying for a job, a foreign student must present the following documents to the employer:

- passport or other identity document;

- employment record;

- insurance certificate of compulsory pension insurance;

- the contract (policy) of voluntary medical insurance valid in the territory of the Russian Federation (except for cases if the employer concludes with the medical organization the contract on providing paid medical services to the worker-the foreigner);

- the conclusion about passing of preliminary medical examination (at reception of the students who have not reached age of 18 years, and also in other cases provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation);

- document on education and / or qualification or availability of special knowledge (when applying for a job requiring special knowledge or special training);

- certificate of presence (absence) convictions and/or the fact of criminal prosecution or about the termination of criminal prosecution on rehabilitative grounds, issued in the manner and in the prescribed form (if enrolling a student on work related activities to implement which is not allowed to persons having or had a criminal record, exposed or subjected to criminal prosecution).

If the employment contract is concluded for the first time, the employment record and the insurance certificate of compulsory pension insurance shall be issued by the employer.

As for documents on military registration, according to the General rule the foreigner coming to work does not show to the employer documents of military registration, except for the cases established by Federal laws or international treaties of the Russian Federation, decrees of the President of the Russian Federation, resolutions of the Government of the Russian Federation (part 3 of article 327.3 We have not been able to find relevant legal acts and international treaties. Therefore, it is not necessary to require documents of military registration from foreign students applying for work.

What are the conditions of employment of foreign students who are students of preparatory departments of the University? 

Students of preparatory departments can be considered students of the educational organization of higher education. Therefore, they are subject to a simplified procedure for employment at the University, that is, without registration of permits.


According to article 2 of the Federal law of 29.12.2012 No. 273-FZ " on education in the Russian Federation "(hereinafter-the Law), a student is a natural person mastering the educational program. Depending on the level of the educational program being mastered, the form of training, the mode of stay in the educational organization, students – persons enrolled in training at the preparatory departments of educational institutions of higher education (article 33 of the Law) are among the students.

Based on the above, the student can be considered and the person studying at the preparatory Department of the educational organization of higher education .

What are the conditions of internships for foreign students?

Internships international students are not required to obtain work permits, except for the cases stipulated by item 15 of Regulations on the practice of students mastering basic professional educational programmes of higher education (approved by order of the Ministry of education and science of 27.11.2015 No. 1383).
 Letter of the Ministry of internal Affairs

You can also find information on the websites.




Certificate of training

Application for a work permit


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