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Projects and Research

List of Projects and Research Seminars for 2-4 year students


1. Parents' Perception of Schools: Factors and Signals
Teachers: D. Aleksandrov, S. Savelyeva, V. Ivanyushina.

2. Health and Risk Behaviour of Adolescents
Teachers: D. Aleksandrov, V. Ivanyushina, V. Titkova, D. Khodorenko

3. Factors of Neighborhood Formation and Development in the New Condominiums   
Teachers: E. Tykanova, K. Tenisheva, T. Adamenko 

4. An Experimental Study of Artistic Taste
Teachers: M. Safonova, R. Akifyeva, M. Kuleva

5. Un)structured Activities of Children in the Context of the Child-Rearing Strategies of Russian-Speaking Families         
Teachers: M. Safonova, R. Akifyeva, E. Tykanova

6. Biographies and Adaptation Strategies of Migrants of Different Generations   
Teachers: V. Baranova, E. Kazartzev

7. Social Network and Topic Analysis of Migrational and City Data        
Teachers: V. Voskresenski

8. Rankings, Gamification, Reputation Systems
Teachers: V. Voskresenski

9. Why We Post It in the Social Networks, the Cases of Profiles on Facebook and Vkontakte   
Teachers: D. Aleksandrov, E. Taratuta

10. Reviews and Recomendation Systems: "Data Science" Minor Project           
Teachers: I. Musabirov

11. Linguistic Landscape in the City: The Case Study of Multilingual Public Signs and Graffiti      
Teachers: V. Baranova

12. Informational Support of Educational Programmes on Sociology
Instructors: E. Ershova, T. Efimova

Research Seminars:

1. Economics, Business and Society

2. Dimensions of Social Inequality: Migration and Ethnicity

3. Health, Well-Being and Human Behavior

4. Youth

5. Culture and Inequality

6. Civil and Political Processes

7. Analytical Sociology and Big Data