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Student Profiles


There is more to life than studying – even if you do a BA in political science and world politics! Our students are active in many fields. Here is something about their extracurricular activities and achievements.

This is Kirill Shamiev. In February 2017 he won the GAIDPARK-2017 Winter school essay competition with an essay about the mistakes that the Russian reformers made (Kirill took the example of Sergey Shakhrai). His essay is available here (in Russian). Curiously, last year GAIDPARK winner Vika Poltoratskaya is also our student.

In December 2016 Kirill was also awarded the “Silver nestling” award given by the HSE to its most remarkable and promising students.


Our students win scholarships. This year five BA students were given an enhanced HSE scholarship. Gadir Mamedov, a third year student was also awarded a special EMC2 scholarship. Alexey Sorbale (now a graduate) received one of the ten Solzhenitsyn scholarships awarded by the Russian ministry of education and science. Taya Shentseva and Angelina Gomelauri were awarded Starovoytova scholarship by the St.Petersburg regional government.


And our very own Yegor Korobkin was one of the 25 “Jaguar Game Changers”.


Vladislav Kostin won the prestigious Max Weber Comparative politics competition with an essay about the tax system complexity.


And Nina Ilchenko won the VTsIOM contest for the best empirical research with a paper “Personalist regime on fire: Who's fault it is, and where the smoke comes from?”.


On a more practical note, Alexandr Bertov became the “Iron enterpreneur”...


...and in November 2016 our team came second in the practical “[Ya]Politik” (“I'm a politician”) contest – an upgrade from the team's last year third place.


And also, receiving scholarships for MA studies is no biggie for our students. You already know Alexei Sorbale (who does his MA in the Central European University in Budapest).


Now meet Yulia Krivonosova (who does the International Master in Russian, Central and East European Studies in Glasgow)...


Sasha Khokhlova (MA in International relations, University of Tartu)



...and Liza Potapova (MA in Public policy, CEU in Budapest) – now a CEU PhD student.

Students about the Programme

Ruslan Valiev

2nd year student, Russia

My program in Political Science and World Politics, unlike many others, teaches young people to investigate, be rational and, of course, think critically, which are significant components of every successful person. Also, the curriculum of the program includes language courses and regional foci allowing me to study Chinese and BRICS countries. If you want to become a real professional diplomat, political scientist, GR manager or just a successful person - you definitely should choose this program at HSE.
Polina Skumatova

2nd year student, Russia

When I was in high school, I did not have any doubts about my desire to go to the Higher School of Economics and study Political Science: in fact, it was the only place I applied to and I was extremely happy when I got in. This program provides students with an opportunity to get a high quality education and learn useful practical skills, opening a path to a future career. Here one can get a truly unique experience by being engaged in both academic and extra-curriculum projects and activities. Being a second year student now I can say that I've seen both upsides and downsides about studying here, but nevertheless I am confident that it's a hard path, but it pays forward.
Florence Ibuowo

1st year, Nigeria

As a young girl who grew up in Nigeria, West Africa, I have always had the dream of pursuing a higher education abroad, somewhere I would be given the opportunity to explore and also make efficient use of my potentials. For me, being a student of HSE is a dream that has come true because the Higher School of Economics gives me all the opportunities and necessary guidelines I need to follow my future ambitions. I have chosen to study Political Science & World Politics because I have always been interested in the study of relationships between various political actors and processes. HSE provides practical grounds for studying political science, which is characterized by the school’s well-embellished research and teaching programs. Undoubtedly, it also exposes its students to international network as a result of different people from various places also coming to the institution high-level professional training.
Techit Nintara

1st year student, Thailand

"Life would be changed if you get a good education from the right university which provides all you need"
At the beginning, I was studying at Thai university for a month. There I had a lot of opportunities to gain, also a student president of the faculty, I needed to choose whether to keep going to study in the place that can assure me for the bright future at that time or to enroll to the Russian university where I do not even know that it will be good or suit for me. Several months until now, HSE has proved that I chose the right one. Our university is rich of the knowledge resources, incredible students, and professors. The study office will always be right there for you to support as well. They further get all feedback from students in order to strengthen and improve. I strongly believe that my dream job  - a diplomat - is going to become true, because I got all I need. This is the genuine quality of the education these days. Besides, we are not only to study in the class but also practice in real such as during the Model United Nations by HSE. All the reasons make me so proud to say where I study, "HSE St. Petersburg - Political Science and World Politics"
Nicole Fuks

3rd year student, Russia

When I was at school I realized my interest in Social Sciences, Political Science and World Politics, in particular. I have several reasons why I’ve chosen the bachelor’s program at HSE. Firstly, the entire program is now taught in the English language, which gives me competitive advantages on the international labor market. Secondly, there is an option to choose minors – additional educational programs, which will be enlisted in the diploma. Thirdly, HSE provides courses, where student can learn another foreign languages – I have been studying the French language during the second year. Furthermore, after the enrolment I’ve been enrolled in several project activities, like the organization of the international conference ‘The October Readings’, summer schools and Model UN. Apart from everything else, HSE is an ideal platform for educational and research. I’d written three research papers, which I presented at several international conferences.
Valeria Karas

3rd year student, Moldova

I have chosen HSE because this University is always modernizing and introducing new methods and programs in the educational process. HSE has a free atmosphere inside where you can have equal discussion with professors, because your opinion matters. I also like that the University has mobility programs. You can apply for them and go for exchange abroad for a semester or two. Based on my personal exchange experience I can say for sure that HSE, being quite young, can be well comparable to the most profound European universities.  
Nana Hemaa Oxley Dodoo

1st year student, Ghana

As an international student, the decision to study outside my home country was a very tough one to make. I did a lot of research on universities and I was drawn to Higher School of Economics (HSE) because of its achievements over the years and its academic excellence. I have always wanted to study politics and with this to become one of the best political analyst. My BA program, Political Science and World Politics has given me great opportunity to interact with international professors and has also made available various student mobility avenues from exchange programs to academic conferences. My professors have been very helpful by motivating and challenging me academically, which is not common in some universities. One uniqueness my department displays is its incredible amount of time and resources used for research activities to help the students and how it tries to integrate its students in these research projects. Through my study at HSE I hope to move to the next level with much eagerness, knowledge and skills to help me apply that to my future academic and professional life.
Bogdan Romanov

3rd year student, Russia

Enrolment in HSE – St. Petersburg and BA program in ‘Political Science and World Politics’ was a good sign. And back in the days no one, even I, expected that this experience would become something unforgettable and undoubtedly would define my future life as a cornerstone. HSE has created mind-blowing atmosphere for academic activities and all necessary resources for successful research. The entire program is all about interaction between professors and students, when the former are interested in teaching and open to all questions you may need to answer. HSE is a school of life, which cultivates all significant skills, but what’s more, it prepares not for school, but for the real life.
Svyatoslav Zborovsky

3rd year student, Russia

When I was choosing a university to enter, I did not give preference to the Higher School of Economics, but after several months of study all my doubts finally disappeared. I can compare studying here with a hard training in a gym. It is possible to study everything that’s useful to understand politics, be it the International Relations or the Data Science.  If I could choose a bachelor's program again, I would not hesitate to apply to the Higher School of Economics again. Truthfully, it is not the easiest choice, but it will give excellent career opportunities and a great chance to enroll in master's programs of the world’s best universities.