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Transfer of Students from Foreign Educational Institutions to HSE

Application submission periods for undergraduate programme "Political Science and World Politics"

International students support

HSE has adopted a resolution on a temporary procedure to review applications by students at foreign educational institutions to transfer their studies to HSE.   

Students should note the following:

1. A decision on the possibility of students who are Russian or foreign citizens transferring from foreign educational institutions into available state-funded spots or spots covered by tuition and fees charged to the student is taken by the coordinating vice rector on an individual basis.

2.  Faculties can establish dates for certification during the calendar year for those wishing to transfer (including from foreign universities) in accordance with the Regulations on Certifying Commissions for Higher Education Programmes and the Procedure for Certification (hereinafter - Regulations on Certification). Information on certification periods is placed on the webpages of educational programmes. The procedure and timeframe of certification are specified in the Regulations on Certification.

3. Although in general the procedure is similar to the transfer procedure for students from institutions of higher education in Russia, which is described in the Rules of Transfer for Students of the Higher School of Economics and Students of Other Educational Institutions to the Higher School of Economics (hereinafter - the Rules of Transfer), there are a number of particularities (see below).

Procedure for students at foreign educational institutions wishing to transfer to HSE:

1. Students wishing to transfer to HSE should state their intentions by filling a special application form for transference, stating their personal information (name, middle name (if any), citizenship), information about the educational institution where they are currently studying and its location, their current field of study (educational programme), and the field of study (educational programme) they are interested in transferring to.

Students can attach copies of documents verifying their identity and citizenship, copies of their academic qualifications, copies of documents proving their current educational status, and others.

Current curricula in fields of study at HSE and information on the availability of state-funded enrolment spots can be found on the educational programme pages on the HSE website.

2. After receiving a response from the manager of the educational programme with information that an application has been accepted for review, students should send a response by email to the educational programme office with the following documents (scanned) if these documents were not attached to the initial application (see point 1):

2.1.  APPLICATION to enrol at HSE as a transfer student 

2.2. Copy of a document confirming identity and citizenship 

2.3. Certificate of education or period of study using a form established independently by the educational institution and a copy of the grade book (should the educational institution from which the student is transferring to HSE use grade books)

2.4. Certificate confirming the student's current study, if possible indicating whether the student is enrolled in a state-funded programme or is paying tuition and fees independently

3. After submitting documents, students await information on the outcome of the review from the manager of the educational programme; this information will be communicated after the decision is made by the coordinating vice rector and the certification tests are conducted.

4. In the event of an unfavourable decision by the coordinating vice rector, the programme manager notifies students regarding the impossibility of transfer.

5. In the event of a favourable decision by the coordinating vice rector, the programme manager informs the student about the terms and procedure for certification*.

6. In the event certification tests are conducted, a schedule with dates, times, location and type of testing, as well as the date of announcement of the results, will be sent to the student at least three calendar days prior to the beginning of certification in accordance with the contact information provided on their application. The educational programme may extend this period if there are objective reasons, but not by more than 10 calendar days. Prior to the qualification test, students will be given an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the programme subject(s).

7. Students receive from the programme manager information on the decision, which takes the certification into account.  

8. Students with a favourable decision make a decision on their further intentions on the basis of the proposed transfer conditions (course, state-funded or paid spot). The decision is either to proceed with the transfer or withdraw the application and inform the programme manager.

9. In the event of a positive decision by student, the student receives a certificate from the academic office confirming HSE’s acceptance to enrol the student through a transfer (on the form approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation); the certificate is then presented to the educational institution where the student is currently studying for withdrawal in connection with the transfer to HSE.

10. Students present the academic programme office with original academic documents and a certificate of study or study period (academic transcript) and, when transferring to a spot with payment of tuition fees, signs a contract for the provision of paid educational services.

11. Once an order is issued to enrol a student in HSE from another educational institution through transfer, the student receives a student card from the academic programme office.

* Certification may take the form of reviewing the documents and/or certification tests (written examination, oral examination, and interview in accordance with the monitoring and testing materials). The form of certification and calendar of certification tests are determined according to the Regulations on Certification. 

Application submission periods

After the 1st semesterAfter the 2nd semester
June 1-8
December 1-8