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Mikhail Danilov

Alumnus 2010, Head of the Department of regional development, Multifunctional center

"Of all the knowledge and skills obtained during my studies I would like to point out the independence in thinking about political processes that allows to understand what is really going on and to evaluate the political decisions taken and administrative choices made at the local, regional and federal levels."
Ekaterina Glukhova

Alumna 2012, Advisor on policy and economics, Consulate of the Kingdom of Norway

“The fact that I was able to form my own trajectory during my studies and to focus on the areas in Political Science that were the most interesting for me, has helped me to find a job quickly and easily. Self-dependence is the skill I value the most after graduating the programme. I mean the ability to independently formulate the objective and to find the ways to reach it.”
Anna Galitskaya

Alumna 2014, Assistant of a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg

"We have been always told that political science programs train universal specialists... To put it simply, there are three directions for a political science graduate: research, public sector and non-profit associations. Political scientists have deep knowledge in many spheres, and they are skillful in writing various texts, self-representation, critical thinking and project activities."
Egor Sennikov

Alumnus 2014, Political journalist, MA Student at the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary

"Personally, I think that such course assignments as essay-writing were very useful, since they allowed me to sharpen my individual style of writing. Moreover, journalism requires the breadth of the learning and knowledge about details to capture reader’s attention. No doubt, knowledge and skills obtained during my BA studies help a lot to work in the field."
Liza Potapova

Alumna 2015, PhD student at the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary

“Have the previous 4 years of my BA studies influenced my decision with regard to what I am going to do next? Yes, of course! And I am talking not only about the toolkit of knowledge and skills that allow to move to the next stage in my life. It is more about a sense of prospects and a feeling of a bright future.”
Egor Korobkin

Alumnus 2017, Leading specialist of the Infometr project

"This program has a strong emphasis on research skills... When you are studying political science, you analyze everything around you, in your country and abroad. You start to understand the laws according to which the world works, and htis is a skill that is with you regardless of which activity you are engaged in."
Nicole Fuks

Alumna 2019, MA Student at the University of Cologne, Germany

"Firstly, the entire program is now taught in the English language, which gives me competitive advantages on the international labor market. Secondly, there is an option to choose minors – additional educational programs. Thirdly, there's an opportunity to learn other foreign languages. Apart from everything else, HSE is an ideal platform for research: I've prepared three research papers and presented them at several international conferences."
Bogdan Romanov

Alumnus 2019, MA Student at the University of Tartu, Estonia

"HSE has created mind-blowing atmosphere for academic activities and all necessary resources for successful research. The entire program is all about interaction between professors and students, when the former are interested in teaching and open to all questions you may need to answer. HSE is a school of life, which cultivates all significant skills, but what’s more, it prepares not for school, but for the real life." 
Valeria Karas

Alumna 2019, MA Student at the University of Helsinki, Finland

"I have chosen HSE because this University is always modernizing and introducing new methods and programs in the educational process. HSE has a free atmosphere inside where you can have equal discussion with professors, because your opinion matters. I also like that the University has mobility programs. You can apply for them and go for exchange abroad for a semester or two. Based on my personal exchange experience I can say for sure that HSE, being quite young, can be well comparable to the most profound European universities".