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How to apply

International applicants

In 2019 international applicants benefit from a specific international application and admission procedure designed to meet their needs and demands:

* early start of application period – open from November 1, 2018 

* early admission decision and enrollment offer

* on-line application through a personal account at the HSE website

* all applicants are invited for a preliminary Skype interview 

* the number of entrance exams is cut from 4 to just 2; applicants can choose to pass the exams in a distant form in their home country or in person by coming to St. Petersburg 

* scholarships: 25%-100% off tuition fees for the most motivated and outstanding applicants

* ‘First come - first serve’ – apply now to increase your chances to reserve your seat in the class and to receive a scholarship offer!


Please check out the admission requirements for international students before starting your application.

 Visit the International Undergraduate Admissions website to find application guidelines and to apply 


Russian applicants

State funded places

1.      Your Unified State Exams score in History, Russian, Foreign language have to be competitive. The minimal requirements for applicants is 50 scores out of 100 for each of the subjects.

2.      Olympiads winners and awarders will be exempt from taking entrance exams to HSE for the coming year or your subject score will be equal to 100.

3.      Citizens of Union of Independent States and Baltic countries can be accepted by the result of Unified State Exams or tuition-free (quota) entry.

4.      In the boundaries of tuition -free entry having minimal accepted score of Unified State Exams, a special group of applicants can apply

Fee-paying places

1.      If you fail with state-funded place, there is a possibility to apply to a fee-paying place. It 2016-2017 the fee was 200k rubles per year. There is a system of discounts. In the case high score of Unified State Exams possible discount is between 25 and 70%. Discounts prolongs or updates according to results of study.

2.      In 2018 HSE runs a separate competition for international applicants combining a process of  applying to a fee-paying place and tuition-free (quota) entry. Applicants have to take two exams which are English language (min 50 scores) and Russian language (min 50 scores)


Number of places in 2018-2019

 State funded places- 35, including special group of applicants (4)

Fee-paying places – 60

Fee-paying places for international students - 5


Programme-Specific Admission Requirements


No programme-specific requirements apply for this programme