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Teaching Assistants


A teaching assistant
is a student or postgraduate student of HSE selected by a lecturer to help with the implementation of educational activities.
The main objectives of the project are:

  • to ensure the efficiency of the educational process;
  • to identify the most talented and capable undergraduate and postgraduate students of the University and involve them in teaching activities at the University;
  • to develop and test innovative methods in the teaching process at the University.

A lecturer formulates tasks for the teaching assistant and supervises the quality of their fulfilment.

Regulations on the Teaching Assistant Project (RUS/ENG)

Rules for the Project's Implementaion (RUS) (DOCX, 37 Кб) 

For Teaching Assistants and Their Supervisors

Submitting an application
How the assistant can be recruited

Submitting an application

Each lecturer is allowed to hire a teaching assistant — a student who will take over some of the course's routine tasks.

  • The teaching assistant can be a student or a postgraduate student of HSE;
  • The student must have a grade of at least 7 in the discipline in which he/she is involved, or the average grade of the student's cumulative rating must be at least 7 (if the student has not previously studied the discipline);
  • The postgraduate student must have a recommendation from the department to which the discipline is assigned;
A request for a teaching assistant can be submitted by the lecturer who is teaching the course or by the Head of Department. It can be done twice a year via the personal account of HSE: https://lk.hse.ru 

Guidelines for making an application (RUS) (PDF, 423 Кб) 

The application deadlines:

• August 25 - September 10 (main application period) - for all academic disciplines taught in the current academic year;
• December 01-10 (additional application period) - for the academic disciplines taught in 3-4 modules of the current academic year.

When submitting the application, please note:

  • in the student's data, you need to specify the course the student will be studying during the period of his/her involvement as a TA;
  • in the field Applicant's position from which the application is made usually all positions in which you are employed at HSE are displayed, you should specify the position that will correspond to the faculty position (Associate Professor, Professor, etc.); if you have filled this field correctly, the application is automatically attached to the coordinator of your Faculty;
  • first year postgraduate students are not eligible to be recruited as study assistants in module 1.

Further decisions on the recruitment, approval of teaching assistants and the process for their registration will be taken by the Faculty.
A lecturer has the right to replace a previously selected teaching assistant if he/she does not fulfil the tasks assigned to him/her.

How the assistant can be recruited

A teaching assistant may be recruited on a paid or unpaid basis.
In case a teaching assistant is recruited without monetary payment, the activities of the teaching assistant can be counted as part of the educational programme in credits with an agreement being made with the student to perform the duties of a teaching assistant without payment.

Agreement to perform the duties of a teaching assistant without payment (RUS) (DOCX, 17 Кб) 

In case a teaching assistant is recruited on a paid basis, an employment contract must be drawn up. Foreign students must send the following documents to the Faculty Coordinator in order to make an employment contract:

List of documents for foreign citizens (ENG) (DOCX, 16 Кб) 


No later than 5 working days after the completion of the Project, the Training Assistants are required to submit a report to the Facluty Coordinator.

Teaching Assistant report template (RUS/ENG) (XLS, 33 Кб) 

All questions about the Teaching Assistant project at HSE - St. Petersburg can be addressed to the faculty coordinators:

FacultyFaculty CoordinatorE-mail
St. Petersburg School of Mathematics, Physics and Computer ScienceDaria Kuznetsovadkuznetsova@hse.ru
St. Petersburg  School of Arts and HumanitiesVictoria Tolpeginavtolpegina@hse.ru
St. Petersburg  School of Social Sciences and Area StudiesAnastasia Janushkevichayanushkevich@hse.ru
St. Petersburg School of Economics and ManagementValeria Galchenkovgalchenko@hse.ru
School of LawValeria Vershininavvershinina@hse.ru


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