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HSE University — St. Petersburg Online Graduation Party

*recommended age
Event ended

How is the online graduation party going to be held? The event will start with the St. Petersburg section and then move on to the joint university-wide event including the headliner’s performance. We want students to be convinced that the online format will not take away from the excitement and warmth of our celebration.

Here is the step-by-step guide to avoid confusion and not miss out on anything:

Step 1

Follow the VK page «Выпускной Питерской Вышки 2020» («HSE ⁠— St. Petersburg Graduation 2020») today and stay tuned. We will keep you updated on everything related both to the St. Petersburg section of the event and main info on the university-wide section. 

Step 2

Join the university-wide graduation:

Find your personal graduate’s invitation in your HSE inbox (edu.hse.ru domain) or in the HSE APP. Check your emails starting June 20 in all folders.

Copy your personal invitation code and send it in a message to the co-host chatbot.

Attention! Please make sure you message the chatbot before July 1! 

Step 3

In the morning of July 3, get revved up for the day ahead and keep it up until the night, and then:

  1. Stay updated and watch the livestream on the «Выпускной Питерской Вышки 2020» («HSE ⁠— St. Petersburg Graduation 2020») VK page. You will find a lot of interesting stuff there! The stream’s start time will be announced later.
  2. Wait for a little surprise in your personal messages plus a VK call from someone very special.
  3. Dance and sing along to Valery Meladze, because we have been waiting for so long!

How to get the most out of the night and the show?

First, follow both the «Выпускной Питерской Вышки 2020» («HSE ⁠— St. Petersburg Graduation 2020») VK page and the private graduates’ VK community. Do not miss the chatbot messages and the VK posts!

Second, make sure that your VK privacy settings allow incoming calls (Settings > Privacy > Who can contact me > Who can call me > All users). Otherwise, you might not receive a very important personal call.

Third, stay in touch with your classmates and your alma mater. Ask questions and we will answer them on the page and during the livestream.


What should I do if…

I do not have access to the HSE inbox 

If you can’t access your HSE inbox to retrieve your graduation invitation code, do not worry! You can get the code via your personal e-mail through the backup registration form. 

I do not have a VK page 

Trust us, it’s worth it to get an account for such an event. Would be a pity if you miss your own graduation party! 

Do you have more questions? 

Message or call the Acting Head of the Marketing Office Elena Lyzhina (elyzhina@hse.ru, +7-912-24-93-751). Let’s look into it together