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Webinar 'Universities' Global Rankings in the Context of the Pandemic'

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HSE University — Saint Petersburg will host a series of webinars 'Towards the New Normal? The Reputation of Universities in the Context of the Pandemic' which will be held within the frameworks of the Annual International May Conference 'Education and Global Cities - 2020'.

The second webinar, held at HSE University in St. Petersburg as part of its traditional Annual Conference 'Education and Global Cities: Towards the New Normal? The Reputation of Universities in the Context of the Pandemic', will consider universities’ global rankings in a situation of uncertainty:

  • How will the pandemic affect global rankings?
  • How do world-class universities handle this challenge? What new research and teaching methods do they introduce, and are they successful?
  • How quickly universities’ transformation was anticipated to take place, and at what pace is it actually happening?
  • How do rankings consider the effects of social forecasting or stability when evaluating universities?
  • Louise Simpson — Director of The World 100 Reputation Network;
  • Zoya Zaitseva — QS Global Partnerships Manager;
  • Magdalena Gaete — Chief Expert, Laboratory of Educational Economics, HSE Campus in St. Petersburg;
  • Maria Yudkevich — Vice Rector, HSE.

The webinar will be held on June 11 at 17:00 and broadcast via ZOOM.

Use the conference website to register.

The working language: English.

Webinars with Russian subtitles will appear on the YouTube-channel of Kotchoubey Centre.


About the event:

The conference ‘Towards the New Normal? The Reputation of Universities in the Context of the Pandemic’ will include four webinars, each of which will bring in representatives of HSE University and top-ranked global universities for discussion. The format for discussions foresees 15-minute presentations by speakers and 15-minute Q&A sessions. The following will lie at the core of all discussions: activities of universities aimed at maintaining and developing its reputation, transforming their academic processes and retaining students’ loyalty, as well as special aspects of admission processes at top international universities.

Webinars will be organized and moderated by Magdalena Gaete, the Chief Expert of the Laboratory for Education Economics at HSE University - St.Petersburg.

Visit the project’s page to learn more about the webinars.