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Call for Application: Research in Economics and Management Incubator (REMI) 2020

*recommended age
Event ended

Call for Application to Research in Economics and Management Incubator (REMI) invites PhD students, scholars, and university lecturers to participate in the project. The second seminar to be held in Moscow on April 5-6.

Research in Economics and Management Incubator (REMI) invites students, researchers and lecturers to send applications for participation in a research workshop. The 2nd Biannual Workshop will take place in April 5-6, 2020.

The project aims to help aspiring researchers, PhD students and university lecturers bring their researches to the level required for publishing an article in an international peer-reviewed journal. Leading international scholars will be attracted to help the participants. They will join the International Council of the Incubator experts, which will be formed according to the topics of articles selected for the participation in the seminar.

Chosen on the base of results participants to be invited at REMI seminar, which will be held on April 5-6, 2020 at HSE University – Moscow. After the seminar, the participants will have the opportunity to continue working on their research papers under the guidance of the REMI experts.

The Board of Experts at each Workshop will consist of 5-7 well-established scholars committed to and experienced in mentoring young researchers both off-line and on-line. The potential experts who might be considered for invitation to Workshops include: 
Richard Ericson (Ph.D., East Carolina University, USA) – Director of REMI project;
Experts in Economics:
- Christopher Gerry (Ph.D., St Antony’s college University of Oxford)
- David Tarr (Ph.D., International School of Economics in Tbilisi (ISET))
- Hartmut Lehmann (Ph.D., University of Bologna, Italy, Higher School of Economics, Russia)
- Grigory Kosenok (Ph.D., New Economic School, Russia)
- Irina Denisova (Ph.D, New Economic School, Russia)
- John Earle (Ph.D., George Mason University, USA)
- Gary Krueger (Ph.D., Macalester College, USA)
- Diana Weinhold (Ph.D., LSE, UK)
- Michael Alexeev (Ph.D., Indiana University Bloomington, USA)
- Natalia Volchkova (Ph.D, New Economic School, Russia)
- Sergey Slobodyan (Ph.D., Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education - Economics Institute     (CERGE-EI), Czech)
- Shlomo Weber (Ph.D., New Economic School, Russia)
- Slavo Radosevich (Ph.D., University College London, Great Britain)
- Alexander Muravyev (Ph.D., Higher School of Economics, Russia)
- Alexei Boulatov (Ph.D., Higher School of Economics, Russia)
- Udara Peiris (Ph.D., Higher School of Economics, Russia)
Experts in Management:
- Galina Shirokova (DSc, Graduate School of Management, Russia)
- Felix Lopez-Iturriaga (Ph.D., University of Valladolid, Spain)
- Ilan Alon (Ph.D., University of Agder, Norway)
- Tatyana Garanina (Ph.D., University of Vaasa, Finland)

To participate in the REMI applicants must provide:

- Draft of an original paper in English (10-40 pages) written for scholarly publication, highlighting the motivation of research, the relevant background literature, methods, data, results obtained.
- An application letter, including motivation indicating the need for Workshop.
- CV of the main author.
The REMI topic: Economics and Management
Working language: English
Submission Deadline: February 14, 2020
Selection notification: March 1, 2020
2nd Workshop – April 5-6, 2020
Email to submit applications remi@hse.ru
Manager: Farida Garipova
© REMI Archive
© REMI Archive