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'In Search of Excellence: Self-Regulation of Market Ethics' Conference: Call for Papers

*recommended age

EBEN Annual Conference brings together leading European academics and professionals in business ethics, compliance and CSR to share current research, best practices and agenda for the future development of the field. This Conference will take place in St. Petersburg (Russia) on June 23-26, 2020, and will be devoted to self-regulation of ethical behaviour in the markets.

Call for Papers

The main theme of the conference is self-regulation of ethical behaviour in the markets. Usually, the business is regulated by the Invisible Hand of the markets which forces corporations to build loyalty of their consumers and employees, and by Visible Hand of the government which establishes the general rules of the game. However, there are many situations where asymmetry of information, bounded rationality or complex ethical dilemmas make both Invisible and Visible Hand ineffective. There is a third mechanism — self-regulation of the market by professional or industrial associations which may fill the gap and restore ethical behaviour in the marker. In which situations do we need self-regulation? What is the optimal model of this mechanism? And which factors influence its success? We would like to discuss the experience of self-regulation from various countries and markets to reveal and share best practices and improve ethical behaviour in the market.

We seek contributors from different theoretical perspectives, different research approaches and in different empirical contexts. We also invite business people and government officials to share their experience and expectations for self-regulation parks. The conference will be held in June - the season of excellent weather and White Nights — the best time to visit St. Petersburg.
Main Tracks:

Theory of regulation and self-regulation of market ethics

Regulation of financial markets: from rules to principles
Anti-corruption compliance: best practices
Ethical corporate culture: corporate governance and boards of directors
Ethics of advertising and fair competition
Ethics and sustainability as a brand strategy: opportunities and risks
Ethical challenges of new technologies (AI, big data, genetics, etc.)
Ethical training for employees and managers: how to make it work?
How to bring ethics and compliance programs to SMEs?
Uberization of the economy and the dark side of the competition
Gender issues in labour markets

Beside special tracks devoted to the conference topic, we welcome contributors for general business ethics and CSR areas:

Theoretical foundations of business ethics and CSR
Teaching business ethics and CSR in universities
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): progress and expectations
Human rights in business
Inequality, discrimination and gender ethics
Public sector ethics

EBEN members are kindly invited to submit contributions about any area of Business Ethics and special tracks proposals.

Abstract submission guidelines

Send a Word file, format Times New Roman, 12, 1,5-line spacing, Spanish or English language (English preferred), with the following information:

Full name and institution of the author
Keywords (5)
Abstract: maximum 400 words.
Track to contribute
Bibliographical references (optional)
Brief (few lines) CV

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is 15th April.

All authors are required to send a full paper before the conference, which will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee and may be considered for a Special Issue of Business Ethics: A European Journal (information will be published soon)

Doctoral Workshop

Doctoral students are invited to submit an application for the participation in the Doctoral Workshop to be held in conjunction with EBEN AC 2020. During the Workshop, doctoral students will be invited to share their current dissertation work-in-progress with their peers and with an international panel of research mentors invited to take part in the Workshop. The coordinators of the workshop will be announced soon. The deadline for the submission of abstracts is  April 15, 2020.

Contacts: Maxim Storchevoy, m.storchevoy@rben.ru, +7 921 353 95 20
Follow the link to learn more.